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There is an option on this site to add your picture next to your comments, so that people can have an idea of who you are or to add personality to your comments.   Scroll down to the comments at the bottom of this page to see an example of this feature.

Our site, like many sites using blogging software, uses Gravatar to add “avatars” (or profile pictures) to your posts. It’s a fairly simple procedure to go there, register, upload a photo, and then have the photos appear on this site. As long as your email address matches what you enter on this site, the gravatar image that you uploaded should show up on this site.

The thing to remember is that the Gravatar system keys off of the email address that you use for commenting. So whatever email address you register at gravatar, you have to use that same email address on blog sites where you want the image to appear.

The Gravatar system will let you associate multiple email addresses with your account, and also let you associate multiple pictures .. one for each email address if you want .. so you can customize what image (picture) you use based on the blog site, if you simply use a different email address for each site.

One final technical note; the image used is real-time, so if you change the image, all comments you have made using that email address will have the image changed. It may take a few hours for the change to filter through, but each time a comment is displayed on a website, a request is sent to gravatar asking what image is associated with this email address; the returned image is then plotted on the comment list for the posting.

Click here to go to Gravatar and set up your image. Please contact Norm Fisher if you have questions or problems using this feature.


Adding your picture next to your comments — 19 Comments

  1. Note that while you can test it here, it may take a while for the BJS -> Gravitar connection to update your picture. If it doesn’t immediately work, come back in 10 minutes or an hour and see if it’s updated.

    Do make sure you use the correct email address for gravitar!

  2. Thanks and thanks for your message today. We need to understand the Psalm is our Prayer Book and God has given it to us to use daily. His blessed Holy Word. Thank you and God bless and Amen

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