About Pastor Chris Thoma

Rev. Christopher Ian Thoma is pastor of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church and School in Hartland, Michigan. He keeps a whisky blog at www.angelsportion.com.

Pastors and Laymen in the Storm

I remember 2011 as a burnishing year, like nothing I’ve ever endured before. Not even the death of my only brother could compare. That was a much easier yoke to carry. Trial, strife, discord, anger, venom, and yes, even violence…all … Continue reading

“Mighty Lord, O Faithful Shepherd” — A Hymn for the Church

This hymn is offered here freely for you to use in holy worship. If you do choose to use it, please be kind enough to let Pastor Thoma know. He would appreciate it. … Continue reading

“The King has Invited, Who then Shall Refuse” — A Hymn for the Church

This hymn is offered here freely for you to use in holy worship. If you do choose to use it, please be kind enough to let Pastor Thoma know. He would appreciate it.   … Continue reading

“O, Lazarus, Come Out” — A Hymn for the Church

This hymn is offered here freely for you to use in holy worship. If you do choose to use it, please be kind enough to let Pastor Thoma know. He would appreciate it.   … Continue reading

The Scandalous Source of Christian Joy

Paul calls the message of the Christian Gospel a skandalon. And yet it is this very message, carried to the Christian by way of the narrative that is to be preached. Why? Because it informs the joy of the believers. … Continue reading

The Voice of the Church in the Public Square

Editor’s Note:  The following was Pr. Chris Thoma’s prayer at the Michigan State Senate. In the name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Almighty and most merciful God, You have made the … Continue reading

Cakes and Concerts – A Double Standard

In light of recent events in North Carolina, perhaps like me, you have been struggling with what seems to be a frustratingly uncomplicated series of observations. Take for example the following. In January of 2013, a baker in Oregon declined … Continue reading

An “Evangelism” Idea…

Like a lot of pastors, I have a great many books. I think I have something like two or three thousand in all. In the midst of this shelved bulk of dead trees, I have a reasonably filled sill of … Continue reading

God Moves On…

I heard a concerned commentator speculate recently that NFL games see twice the number of people in attendance in a single season than all the Christian churches in America see in all of their worship services in a whole year. … Continue reading

The Preacher’s Passion

In order to preach the beauty of God’s Word, the preacher must not only trust it as the authority, but he must be able to see the beauty for himself. He must love it. And he must work diligently to … Continue reading

Be Warned, I Love You

Once again this year, I had the unfortunate privilege as a called and ordained servant of the Word to help usher out the Church Year by preaching from one of the last three parables that Jesus told before He was … Continue reading

I, Saint Paul, am an Abortion

Saint Paul is a strange bird. I like him. A lot. I say this because while he was most likely aware that he was writing the inspired Word of God (consider such texts as Galatians 2:1-9 and 2 Peter 3:15-16), … Continue reading

The Theology of Worship and the Tomatin 15-year-old Scotch Whisky

Strap yourself in. I can tell you right now that this will be the longest whisky review you’ve ever read – even longer than my philosophical crucifixion of Scoresby. I would imagine that there are folks who, at first, may … Continue reading

Remember Thrivent? Planned Parenthood does.

Remember Thrivent? Planned Parenthood does. And I do, too. If you are struggling to recall the details of the events from the not-all-that-distant past, let me remind you…because the current smog hovering above Planned Parenthood and releasing of the undercover … Continue reading

A lion? You’re kidding, right?

A lion? You are kidding, right? You’re outraged over the killing and beheading of a lion – even feverishly so – and with heartfelt concern for international justice you are considering Zimbabwe’s demand for extradition of the American citizen who … Continue reading

Dealing with Pietism on a Mass Scale

Very briefly… Things don’t always go as planned, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A couple of weeks ago I was invited by nationally syndicated Christian radio talk show host, Bob Dutko, to do an interview regarding my new … Continue reading

A few more peeves…

Oh, where to begin? Okay, how about this… I’m going to put my tongue into my cheek, lean into a little different perspective, and tell you about some of my pet peeves. First off, I’m not particularly impressed by the … Continue reading

Lazy Pastors… You sure about that?

I’m not going to think this through. I’m just going to start typing… I received a little nudge a few minutes ago from the head honcho here at Brothers of John the Steadfast. The prod was a kindly encouragement to … Continue reading

Lutherans and Zombies – More Stuff to Annoy the Pietists

There at the dinner table her song began as expected, being carried along by a mesmerizing joy afforded only to three-year-olds. But no sooner than the songstress had woven her whimsical serenade—ever briefly, ever swiftly—did the course change and life … Continue reading

An Initial, but Visceral, Response to the Murder of the Jordanian Pilot

The following may or may not be of any use to you, except perhaps to say, “Hey, look at what that pastor wrote. He said something that could get him on some government list.” Well, whatever. If I see it show … Continue reading

“Blest Servant of the Master” – A Hymn to Honor a Retiring Pastor

What a joy it is to follow in the footsteps, nay, serve alongside such faithful men whom the Lord has called into the Holy Office that each of us might receive the gifts of Word and Sacrament! I saw Rev. … Continue reading

I Wonder if the Time Has Come

It’s been since October that I’ve had the chance to offer anything here at Steadfast Lutherans. With that, here’s what I’ve been pondering as of late… I wonder if the time has come. I know the mutual predilection for many … Continue reading

“A Mighty Fortress is Our God” — Sermon for Reformation Sunday

Reverend Christopher I. Thoma + Text and Theme: Lutheran Service Book, Hymn 656, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” (The Preaching of the Gospel for this feast takes a different form than what is our usual practice. The intention is to … Continue reading

Climbing the High Dive

Every year in January my congregation holds a special assembly. We call this gathering our “Getting Organized” meeting. At the meeting this past year, I presented the results of an informal survey I conducted. Essentially, I called the local Methodist, … Continue reading

Dorky Jip – FiveTwo’s Definition of Worship

Wait a second… Did I read that right? The FiveTwo folks are asking on their website “What does worship mean?” But the definition given so succinctly reads: “Worship is everything we do in response to God.” So, holy worship is … Continue reading