About Miguel Ruiz

Miguel Ruiz is a post-Evangelical adult convert to confessional Lutheranism and a vocational church musician. He is a commissioned Minister of Religion in the LCMS, serving Our Savior Lutheran Church and School in Centereach, New York, as the director of parish music and music teacher. His journey down the Wittenberg trail began when he was roused from his dogmatic slumber by the writings of Michael Spencer and Robbert Webber. After a period of Cartesian doubt seeking a confessional identity, he finally found his home in the Lutheran church. When he isn’t busy running upwards of 12 rehearsals a week, he loves writing as a way to interact with other perspectives and to pontificate on his doxological agenda. He enjoys exploring the treasury of 2000 years of sacred music, and has found his life’s calling as a cantor, with a mission to “put the Gospel on the lips of the people of God through song, that the Word might dwell in their hearts through faith.”

Who’s Catholic and Apostolic?

Here’s a story which may or may not be completely metaphorical. Pseudonymous pastors Kris and Theo were overseers of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church, in nearby countries.  Both professed allegiance to the Old Roman Creed, and believed that … Continue reading

Imagine My Surprise

I am a post-Evangelical adult convert to confessional Lutheranism, something I’m content to wear on my sleeve.  My journey out of Evangelicalism was a long, difficult road of seeking to make sense of some tough situations in life.  I resonate very … Continue reading

Who Is “Apt to Teach”?

One of the Biblical qualifications for those who are to be Pastors is that they must be “apt to teach.”  Teach the faith, that is.  But if we are honest with ourselves, we have all experienced the work of many … Continue reading

10 Signs a Church May Be Trying Too Hard to Be Hipster

Nobody wants to be on the losing team.  In an effort to attract a larger clientele, many businesses attempt to project that their services or products are a lot more popular than they necessarily are, in order to leverage peer … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Parables: Why Doesn’t Contemporary Worship Read the Scriptures?

“…and who is my neighbor?” …the lawyer asked Jesus, seeking to justify himself.  Jesus had just commanded a perfect love for God and neighbor, and this man sought to understand exactly to whom this commandment applied.  He probably thought “surely … Continue reading

Shall We Find a Beacon of Hope?

It was a dark, cold night, on the evening of January first, when two weary travelers trudged through a dimly lit neighborhood in the bitter chill towards a light at the top of the hill.  The couple was going through … Continue reading

Steadfast in Worship: Why Doesn’t Contemporary Worship Sing the Psalms?

Christian worship has always made significant use of the Psalms, which have always been meant to be sung.  No matter what your approach to Biblical instruction in the area of music in worship, from strict “regulative-ist” to libertine “normative-ist,” there … Continue reading

Why Contemporary Worship is Less than Biblical – an Introduction

There have historically been two dominant approaches to the determination of worship forms and substance within Protestantism, known as the “normative principle of worship,” and the “regulative principle of worship.”  Summarized briefly, the normative principle states that whatever the Scriptures … Continue reading

Which Part of “From the Devil” don’t you understand?

“Therefore we ought and must constantly maintain this point, that God does not wish to deal with us otherwise than through the spoken Word and the Sacraments. It is the devil himself whatsoever is extolled as Spirit without the Word … Continue reading

Ten Earnest Pleas for LCMS congregations that use “Praise Bands,” part two

Continuing from Part 1 of Ten Earnest Pleas …   Consider carefully your liturgical model. Consider the sequential form of your gatherings.  What do you do, in what order do you do it, and why?  The order of events within … Continue reading

Ten Earnest Pleas for LCMS Congregations that use “Praise Bands,” part one

In the constant conflicts over worship in our synod, it seems that too often the level of discourse quickly devolves to snide caricatures of aesthetic peripherals at the expense of addressing underlying ideology.  This should not be, so in an … Continue reading

First Church of Authenticity and Trends

…is it just me, or is this title hopelessly contradictory? And yet, this is the message that countless congregations endeavor to send to our culture. “We’re the genuine article, bona-fide disciples of Jesus, and we’re just like you, so you’ll … Continue reading