Communion Every Sunday: Surprise, Surprise

The reasons for Communion every Sunday are surprising. The reasons Lutheran churches fell away from this practice also are surprising. Pr Klemet Preus, the author of the article republished below, was surprised about the reasons for and against. After visiting … Continue reading

Justification: Lutheran and Roman Catholic

A while back I was contacted by a man who was curious about the difference between the Roman Church and the Lutheran Church. Initially I sent him a copy of my brother Rolf’s short essay on justification but the man … Continue reading

Guest Post: Rev Matthew Rueger on Equity or Christological Equality?

Rev. Dr. Matt Rueger of the Iowa East district has written the following: I think it is well considered, well expressed and certainly very timely. Klemet Preus   Equity or Christological Equality? By Rev. Matthew Rueger, Ph.D. July 1, 2010 … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons why the Higher Things Conference in Logan, Utah Was Absolutely Great (in no particular order)

10. “Pastor, after the breakout today I have decided I want a Christ centered wedding and not a bride centered wedding.”  Where do kids get these thoughts? HT. 9. Fabulous preaching. Top honor goes to Rev. Mark Buetow who preached … Continue reading

Let’s put it in Perspective

  I spent two days last week in dismal humidity teaching about the Augsburg Confession to a small but enthusiastic group of Lutherans from Marion Ohio. Currently I am drinking coffee and looking out at the mountains of Utah where … Continue reading

Reasons to Vote against Rev. Matt Harrison

Ever since Rev. Matt Harrison got 600 more nominations for president that his closest rival I have heard, through the grape vine, some “reasons” why people might want to be careful about electing Matt for president. The first reason is … Continue reading

How did the nominations committee miss this one?

The nominations committee of the LCMS, elected at last year’s district conventions, deserves our thanks for pouring over the various nominations for the various board positions and putting before the convention those candidates for office who, in their judgment seem … Continue reading

Women Distributing the Lord’s Supper

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a young woman who wondered whether it was proper or godly for a Christian to receive communion from the hands of a woman. She wondered whether there are any specific … Continue reading

Why President Kieschnick’s Numbers are Down

This is the fourth and final post analyzing why President Kieschnick showed so poorly in nominations. Perhaps his greatest weakness is that President Kieschnick has a very difficult time working with people who do not agree with him. Before I … Continue reading

Why President Kieschnick showed poorly: Part III

I am analyzing the factors which lead to President Kieschnick’s poor showing on synodical nominations. Last time we looked at President Kieschnick’s strong tendency to get bogged down on the administrative aspects of his job and ignore the theological. Today … Continue reading

What do the nominations numbers mean? Part II

I am analyzing the mistakes which President Kieschnick has made in the last nine years which lead to his poor showing on synodical nominations. Last time we looked at his apparent inability to recognize and address our theological divisions. The … Continue reading

What do the nominations numbers mean? Part I

The nominations have been calculated and Rev. Matt Harrison has received 75% more nominations than his closest rival. Never, in synodical history has an incumbent president received so many fewer nominations than other nominees. What do these numbers indicate? First … Continue reading

Good Bishop Sunday

When I was a young mission pastor I helped start a church which organized on Good Shepherd Sunday (this year April 18 or April 25 depending on which series you follow). We called the congregation “Good Shepherd Lutheran Church” and … Continue reading

Pastor Harrison’s Picture

I hadn’t seen Matt Harrison’s picture lately in either the Witness or the Reporter. I figured that he was too busy traveling to Haiti and had not gotten the Haiti/photo-op memo. So I was pleased to see him on page … Continue reading

Analysis of the 1977 convention elections

Analysis of the 1977 convention elections And a correction Far be it from me correct my colleague Mollie Zeigler Hemmingway, but… she has repeated an inaccuracy which has been floating around since the announcement of the nominations was made last … Continue reading

Seven Last Words

Yesterday I offered my own words upon which the reader might meditate in anticipation of the observance of the death of our Lord. Today I offer to you the words of Luther. All citations are from Martin Luther’s Easter Book … Continue reading

Thoughts on Good Friday

Here are my thoughts regarding the seven words of Christ from the cross. Tomorrow I will share thoughts of Luther and the next day thoughts of Johann Gerhard. I trust that these brief meditations will aid the reader in preparing … Continue reading

Holding the Confession – Pitfalls to Avoid, by Klemet Preus

Every so often there is a text for the sermon that has something in it really worth analyzing but other more seasonal emphases in the text force me to preach the text in a different direction. Such was the case … Continue reading

Have recent changes to the Service followed the example of the Confessions of the Church? By Klemet Preus

President Al Barry is perhaps best known for his pithy aphorism: Keep the message straight Missouri, Get the message out Missouri. These two imperatives were clearly seen as inseparable. Why keep the message straight if you don’t intend to speak … Continue reading

Can’t we have a Nice Conversation around Here? More on the Theses on Worship by Klemet Preus

Just when I want to rise above the rancor and politics of past discussions about worship and actually argue the issues reasonably and openly with the type of candor and self conscious vulnerability that might possibly lead to something helpful … Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Rev. Terry Forke, Montana District President, By Klemet Preus

Dear Brother Forke, Allow me first to apologize for not having responded earlier to your thoughtful letter which was posted on the Brothers of John the Steadfast site on November 14. I was in the Philippines from November 12 until … Continue reading

Let’s not tinker with Article II, More thoughts on the BRTSFG, by Klemet Preus

In my previous blog I discussed one of the proposed changes to Article II of the LCMS Constitution and the reductionistic nature of attempting to state the faith in one short sentence especially if this sentence makes no reference to … Continue reading

Let’s Not Tinker with Article II of the Constitution, by Klemet Preus

The final report of President Kieschnick’s Blue ribbon task force is on the synod’s web site and the conversation surrounding it has continued. Much ink will be invested during the next nine months discussing the relative merits of the far … Continue reading