About Pastor Daniel Hinton

Pastor Hinton is associate pastor and headmaster of Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, having majored in poultry science, and of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was ordained on Holy Trinity 2011. He has been married to Amanda for fourteen years, and has five daughters and one son. He grew up in the ELCA, and left in 2004 over issues of scriptural authority. It was because of a faithful Lutheran campus ministry that he was exposed to The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. As headmaster of Trinity Lutheran School, which has been open since 1892 and is accredited by the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education, he spends a great deal of time reading old books and teaching his students old and beautiful things.

Left and Right, Old and Young

The continuum of left versus right in American politics is often an oversimplification and obfuscation, as the battle lines shift from issue to issue and from decade to decade. To know American politics requires the ability to quantify a platform … Continue reading

Testimony from Our Forefathers on Contraception or “Child Prevention” Part IV: St. John Chrysostom

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Testimony from Our Forefathers on Contraception

nota bene: Why is this important? Lutherans have insisted from the very beginning of the Reformation that we are not inventing new teachings and only seek to carry forth the pure teaching of the Church which we received from the … Continue reading

Evangelism Virtue Signaling

In a culture full of special snowflakes who need to be validated, how one feels about a thing is generally more important than whether he has acted upon those feelings. That doesn’t change in the Church, either. … Continue reading

Idiotic Theology

In Greek the word ἰδιώτης (idiotes) is used to refer to that which belongs to one’s own self. The English word idiom is a derivative. So is the word idiot, meaning someone who is uneducated or unskilled. This Greek word … Continue reading

A Good Conference on Goodness

No, really! Not just a good conference, but a well-done conference on the topic of goodness! July 19-21, 2016 on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) will be holding … Continue reading

This Time of Year, Let the Word of God Do the Work

For congregations, Holy Week and Easter can often present challenges and opportunities for the proclamation of God’s Word. On the one hand, especially on Easter, there will almost certainly be visitors and members who don’t attend church as often as … Continue reading

Gospel Notes – A New Weekly Resource for Parish Lay Catechesis!

This entry is part 5 of 37 in the series Gospel Notes

Laymen: Would you like to be able to focus on the content of your pastor’s sermon without being distracted by the dozens of questions that pop into your mind about what the text is about? Pastors: Would you like a … Continue reading

Reformation Means Perpetual Vigilance

Each October, the minds of Lutherans turn to the Reformation. It really is a good thing; it’s important always to keep in mind where we’ve been in order to understand where we are. It’s good and salutary to remind ourselves … Continue reading

Multum non multa – A principle for parish life

“The words of the wise are like goads, and like nails firmly fixed are the collected sayings; they are given by one Shepherd. My son, beware of anything beyond these. Of making many books there is no end, and much … Continue reading

On Namecalling

Part of the art of rhetoric is knowing what one can defensibly and logically say and knowing what one ought to say. Rev. Joshua Scheer, Associate Editor for the Brothers of John the Steadfast, asked me to come up with a … Continue reading

Bible History — 1947

This, friends, is how the Synod used to teach Bible history, circa 1927. Unashamed to make the good confession — we could learn a lot from these guys. (scanned image to the right is typed in below; any typos below, … Continue reading

On the Dangers of Contextualization

In a generic sense, contextualization refers to considering the context, that is, the situation, environment, time, and culture in which an event takes place. Within the church, contextualization usually refers to the process of speaking God’s Word to a group … Continue reading

A Review of “Teach These Things”

“Another catechism book!? Why can’t we just teach the Small Catechism?” This common — and legitimate — question arises with the publication of each new catechetical book. Many such books add lots of extra material apart from the Small Catechism, … Continue reading

On the Proper Use of Context

It’s no secret that context is a major buzzword these days. From marketers who will sell you demographic information about your town (information which, it should be noted, could just as easily be gotten by going to the grocery store) … Continue reading

A Motto for the Class of 2014

To the recently called men of the two seminaries of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: Welcome to the brotherhood of the Holy Ministry. Well, you haven’t graduated yet, you haven’t been ordained yet, you haven’t been installed yet, and you … Continue reading

What is a Baby?

In the course of discussing the ethics of abortion, there’s a question I’ve found to be helpful in framing the Christian viewpoint, and it’s simply this: What is a baby? Of course, we all know a baby is a young human … Continue reading

What Is Truth? – An Evangelism Conference Unlike Any Other

We all recognize the question asked by Pontius Pilate in John 18:38, (my Latin students ought to recognize the question as Quid est veritas?) “What is truth?”. Observers of Western culture might note a shift in how the teachings of … Continue reading

What’s Good for the Goose…

Last week, I had to do one of the most humiliating things a pastor has to do. At least I found it that way. After months of reminding parishioners to let us know whenever the church needs to pray for … Continue reading

Our Language is a Confession

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” goes the well-known cliche, first written by Gerald Seymour in 1975 in his book Harry’s Game. Journalists who take their trade seriously know this well: descriptive words reveal what the speaker thinks … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Out of the Marriage Game

Over at what looks to be his brand-new blog, “Lutheran Pastor Says”, Rev. Harrison Goodman writes that, “It’s time to get out of the marriage game. Let me clarify that. It’s time for the Church to get out of the … Continue reading

The History Channel’s The Bible Parts 5 & 6: The Absent God

It’s no exaggeration when I say I’ve been mulling over in my head for a great deal of time exactly how I was going to write this. There are so many ways in which this miniseries is just plain wrong … Continue reading

Steadfast in Education: Why Lutheran Schools and Why Lutheran Teachers?

Why do we need Lutheran schools? Why do Lutheran schools need Lutheran teachers? Though these are simple questions, their answers get at the whole reason that the extensive system of Lutheran schools exists in the first place. Lutherans in North … Continue reading

Luther on Idolatry in the Appendix to the First Commandment

We all know the First Commandment, “You shall have no other gods” (or more literally, You shall have no other gods before My face). Although we don’t recite these words when listing the Commandments in the Small Catechism, Moses records … Continue reading

Letters to the Editor: A Tale of Two Synods

Subscribers to the magazine Lutheran Witness, the official magazine of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, are no doubt aware of recent improvements to that periodical. From clean and sharp graphics to new authors, Lutheran Witness has been putting out … Continue reading

Mormon Church Softens on Homosexuality

or, Divine Revelation Evidently Done by Internal Polling and Focus Groups The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have launched a website and program to encourage LDS members to be compassionate when discussing … Continue reading