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There have been a lot of changes going on at Steadfast Lutherans behind the scenes lately. Those changes will become much more visible in the coming months as the site changes into a site for a publishing non-profit than a blog (the blog will still be active and available, but it will not be the first thing you find here). Blogging as a format has great limitations. On top of that, I have personally found that such fad-driven things just don’t have the long-term helpfulness that other efforts can have.

There is a great need in the Evangelical Lutheran Church (of which much of the LCMS is a part) for faithful printed resources for parish, home, and schools. Steadfast Press is our effort to help. Our goal is first and foremost to produce works that are faithful to Holy Scripture and to our Lutheran Confessions. We also have a goal of producing needed works for the church, home, and school (resources for needs, not for profits). We will sell these works for a reasonable amount (first through on demand publishing with the goal of in-house publishing). We will be helping to pay authors for their work, but neither we nor our authors should expect to get rich on anything we produce. The goal is to serve, not be served.

Over the years you have come to know us for some printed resources, especially for our Advent and Lent devotions and other occasional works. Coming up there will be more books for teaching in our churches, for use in our homes, and curriculum for parish schools. We are actively working on several projects with dedicated staff to accomplish the goal of advancing the confession of the Evangelical Lutheran Church wherever she is found.

Several changes have taken place within the organization. Our Board of Directors for Steadfast Lutherans Inc. has changed. The current directors are myself (President), former Associate Editor Rev. Andrew Packer (Vice-President), Rev. Paul Cain (Secretary), and Mr. Christian Geu (Treasurer). We are looking to possibly add a couple more names as we deem it necessary in the coming year.

As Steadfast Press takes over the focus, there have been some other additions to our staffing around here. I will remain the President and Editor-in-Chief, with authority over all the different things that happen here. Rev. Lincoln Winter will serve as Publisher for Steadfast Press. His skill in writing and publishing, as well as his great love for the Lutheran Confession of the Faith (especially the Small Catechism) will help keep us on track and producing resources. In addition we are adding two more Associate Editors – Rev. Paul Cain will serve as our Associate Editor of Curriculum and Rev. Jacob Henry Benson will serve as our Associate Editor of Theological Works. These men will help manage projects and the process required to faithfully produce them.

The Lord provides the skills that are needed through the people He has made His own possession. On top of our managing positions, there are a number of good folks who are already helping out with technical ability, copy editing, doctrinal review, art, and any number of other things. We will be open to other volunteers soon.

Of particular note is that last Friday was the commemoration of Rev. Paul T. McCain’s being taken home to our Lord. Rev. McCain was by far the most influential and faithful Lutheran publisher of the last hundred years. May his example of publishing be formative for all Lutherans who seek to have resources made available for future generations.

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  1. Thank you for this continued effort; may God bless your new endeavor

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