St. Catharine’s Seminary Faculty issues opinion…

Seminary faculties often used to express theological positions and advice for the greater Church. In the LCMS this practice has been missing from recent history. Not so in our sister church in Canada and their seminary (Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary). The faculty there has issued a very helpful statement about churches coming out of the Covid-19 restrictions. There is much to consider and think about in it. We offer it here to help our pastors and congregations in the LCMS who are looking for such theological guidance since our Synod leadership has been relatively absent on these issues.

Facts and Faith: What we know to be true in the face of a pandemic

1 thought on “St. Catharine’s Seminary Faculty issues opinion…

  1. At last, a churchly response to COVID-19! Thanks be to God for these gifted men to give perspective to us pastors and to the flock that we serve. If I could sum it up — take precautions, but make sure that those precautions don’t dilute or cast doubt upon the Gospel. The church is called to lead society, to dispel fear, to show that there’s a different way — the way of faith — because the world to come is so much better than the world in which we currently sojourn. Thanks for sharing this post — I’m sending it to my lay leaders right now.

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