Why I Also Go To Church When It’s Raining

The following mini-article was included in the September 10, 1907 issue of Der Lutheraner under the title Warum ich auch bei Regenwetter in die Kirche gehe.  I post it here in translation for you as timeless encouragement to be in God’s house when Sunday morning comes.  – R.L.L.


Why I Also Go To Church When It’s Raining


1.Because God sanctifies every Sunday through his Word and makes no exceptions just because it is raining.


2. Because I expect that our pastor will be tending to his duties, and I would be very astounded if he remained at home because of the weather.


3. Because my presence will be all the more necessary at church, the less the attendance unfortunately is on such days.


4. Because my example will have an influence on others under all circumstances, whether I attend worship or stay away.


5. Because I see that the unchurched people, even the weakest among them, do not abstain from their amusements just because it is raining.


6. Because the life to which a Christian is called may never be dependent on the change of the barometer, and because my behavior towards God’s Word is a measurement of my love towards him.


7. Because I make the observation: those who use the excuse not to go to church because of the cold, heat, or because it is raining – these also make excuses when the weather is beautiful.


8. Because the man who shrinks away because of such small difficulties may finally fear hindrances which are only figments of his imagination. Whoever follows the Lord from afar, as Peter did on the night of Holy Thursday, he easily is in danger of denying him completely.


9. Because it can be, that according to God’s will, a special blessing awaits me in church on a rainy day.


10. Because I do not know how many Sundays I have left on this earth.

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