A Resolution to Condemn the Pro-Choice Ideology as Heresy

This is a bit late, with the deadline fast approaching to send overtures to Synod.  But in light of the recent events in our country by lawmakers and judges, wicked antichrists sanctifying the evil act of abortion, and even a pastor on our own clergy roster defending the legalization of abortion in a recent Day Star Journal piece, I was compelled to write up this Resolution.  I hope to get it sent by my congregations soon.  I am posting it here for anyone else who would like to send it to synod through their congregation or circuit.  If you want to improve upon it, then that is up to you.

To Condemn the Pro-Choice Ideology as Heresy

WHEREAS, the Scriptures teach that man, both male and female, is made in God’s image (Gen 1:27), and

WHEREAS, the Scriptures teach that God knits man in his mother’s womb (Ps 139:13-14), and

WHEREAS, the fifth commandment condemns murder, and God says that murder is condemned because God created man in his own image (Gen 9:6), and

WHEREAS, children are not something we choose for ourselves, but more correctly a heritage from the Lord, which God freely gives and takes away in his own grace and wisdom (Ps 127; Gen 30:2; Job 1:21), and

WHEREAS, The eternal Word became flesh in the womb of the Virgin (Luke 1:31-32), and

WHEREAS, the joy of Christ’s birth is also for the child inside his mother’s womb (Acts 2:39), as attested by the account of John leaping in Elizabeth’s womb (Luke 1:41, 44), and

WHEREAS, the eternal Word becoming flesh in the womb of the Virgin is essential to how sinful man is saved (Gal 4:4-5; 1 Tim 2:5), since, as Gregory of Nazianzus put it, “For that which He has not assumed He has not healed; but that which is united to His Godhead is also saved (Critique of Apollinarianism, par. 5);” and

WHEREAS, Jesus died also for unborn babies who are made in God’s image (1 John 2:2), and

WHEREAS, saying that the value of an unborn baby’s life is dependent upon the choice of the mother, rather than on the will of God who created and redeemed the child, is a heresy, which attacks the very heart of the Gospel (Rom 9:16), therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) in convention declare the pro-choice and abortion-rights ideology to be a heresy, which no Christian in good conscience can hold, and be it further

RESOLVED, that the LCMS in convention condemn all so called Christian ministers who sanctify abortion in their teaching and other rituals as heretics preaching a false gospel, calling on them to repent lest they face God’s fierce judgment, as Paul directs us to do to those teaching a different gospel (Gal 1:8-9), and be it further

RESOLVED, that we see the atrocity of abortion in our country as a sign of God’s coming judgment and therefore a time for us to repent of our own sin, as Isaiah says in the presence of the Lord, “I am a man of unclean lips who comes from a people of unclean lips, (Isai 6:5)” and be it further

RESOLVED, that we continue to pray fervently for all who are affected by abortion, both for the victims to be spared and for those who have committed this evil to repent and find the great comfort of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus’ blood and merit (1 Tim 2:1-4), and be it finally

RESOLVED, that we affirm that God is the one who kills and makes alive, who gives and takes away, so that we might receive all good gifts, especially children, with fear, love, trust, and thanksgiving (1 Sam 2:6).

About Pastor Andrew Preus

Pastor Andrew Preus is the pastor of Trinity Lutheran/St. Paul Lutheran, Guttenberg/McGregor, IA. He is the eighth of eleven sons, with one sister. He received his seminary training at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, ON (MDiv) from 2009 to 2013, and Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN (STM) from 2013 to 2014. His main theological interests include Justification and Church and Ministry. He is married to Leah Preus (nee Fehr), and they have five children: Jacob, Solveig, Kristiana, Robert, and Marian.


A Resolution to Condemn the Pro-Choice Ideology as Heresy — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. I will be bringing this along to my upcoming circuit meeting.

    The Day Star article was painful to read. Fallacy after fallacy. I won’t speak to the character of this pastor. I do not know him. His own words reveal enough. It is my hope that he will repent.

  2. Andrew, I hope we have the courage to pass this. Thank you, as always, for your faithful work!

  3. Would/will certainly vote for it.

    Since it discusses statements made by the church fathers, might I also humbly suggest:

    You shall not murder a child by abortion, nor kill what is begotten
    -the didache

    Women who resort to some sort of deadly abortion drug kill not only the embryo, but along with it, all human kindness

    And when we say that those women who use drugs to bring on abortion commit murder, and will have to give an account to God for the abortion, on what principle should we commit murder?
    -Athenagoras of Athens

    Whence women, reputed believers, began to resort to drugs for producing sterility and to gird themselves round, so to expel what was being conceived on account of their not wishing to have a child either by a slave or by any paltry fellow, for the sake of their family and excessive wealth. Behold, into how great impiety that lawless one has proceeded by inculcating adultery and murder at the same time! And withal, after such audacious acts, they, lost to all shame, attempt to call themselves a Catholic Church

    The woman who purposely destroys her unborn child is guilty of murder. With us there is no nice enquiry as to its being formed or unformed. In this case it is not only the being about to be born who is vindicated, but the woman in her attack upon herself; because in most cases women who make such attempts die. The destruction of the embryo is an additional crime, a second murder, at all events, if we regard it as done with intent
    -Basil the Great

  4. Nicely done! And, what a test! I pray the resolution sees the light of day for a floor vote. This resolution will tell us a great many things.

  5. Unfortunately this resolution will never see the light of day . The synodical convention is so managed now that nothing that is in the least bit controversial will be allowed to be brought to the floor. It will get killed in committee.

  6. @GaiusKurios #6
    The blood of these children cry out for us to declare the evil of abortion. It is time. Time to work hard to see that this is not killed in committee. A groundswell of congregations and pastors is necessary to push, hard, to make this a reality. I encourage all the faithful to speak of this to their voting representatives. With God, all things are possible.

  7. Excellent! I might add a whereas, our Lord has clearly said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

  8. Thank you for your effort here, Andrew. I concur with Brandon; I hope I get the opportunity to vote for this at convention. I sent it off to friends in other circuits and districts. Unfortunately, my circuit does not meet until after the deadline for resolutions to be put forward.

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