Second Edition of Lutheran Purgatory book – request for participants.

Editor’s Note:  There have been measures in the past few years to improve the candidate situation in the LCMS, but there is still much work to be done.  As with most things, execution of efforts to care for men in this “status” has not been uniform and varies from district to district.  Pastor Kornacki, who published his first edition to help raise awareness and call for better care for candidates has taken up the task of a second edition.   

Pastor Alan Kornacki is officially starting his work on the Second Edition of “Lutheran Purgatory.”

He is seeking to interview people belonging to these groups:
1. The men he interviewed for the First Edition, to see if/how their situations have changed in the four years since LP was released;
2. Other men who have been or still are Candidates, to increase the survey size (as requested by the one DP who actually gave him feedback on LP); and
3. Any wife and/or family member of a Candidate.

If you would be willing to be interviewed, please comment here or e-mail Pastor Kornacki at [email protected]. If you would be willing to speak to your families on his behalf regarding their participation, he would be grateful. And if you know of a pastor who is now or has been on Candidate Status, please get them in touch with Pastor Kornacki. Thank you.

Remember: All names will be removed to protect confidentiality.

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