Help Lutherans in Africa get French Hymnals for $5 a piece!

There is a great opportunity for those willing to work fast.  CPH has published a great hymnal in French that is quite useful for mission work in Africa.  As such, Lutherans in Africa would be happy to receive as many copies as we can provide.  CPH has them on their warehouse sale right now for $5 a copy.  As timing has it, there is currently a container being loaded for shipment to Lutherans in Africa as well.  So – if you buy a copy or ten or fifty, have them sent to this address in Houston, TX and they will be shipped over on a container.  The shipping side of things is often the biggest hurdle in this effort, so this is a great opportunity.

From discussing things with Missionary Rev. James May I hear that these hymnals help people learn Lutheran hymns to sing as they work throughout the day.  This is great, especially considering the hymns that many Africans sing are of a more Pentecostal variety.  Help Lutherans in Africa sing Lutheran hymns.

Buy the French hymnals by clicking here.

Have CPH send the hymnals to:

Lutherans in Africa, c/o Deanie Stephens, 5650 Guhn Road #124 Houston 77040

CPH has around 500 in stock.  Let’s get them over to Africa!  I have personally purchased 20 and had them sent for a total cost of $110.  (only $10 for shipping!)



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