A few organizational changes going on at Steadfast…

There are a few things that have been happening behind the scenes here at Steadfast.  We have now for the past year or so renewed our 501c3 non-profit status (Steadfast Lutherans, Inc.) and have been operating with a Board of Directors.  The current board of directors consists of:

Rev. Joshua Scheer, President; Rev. Daniel Hinton, Vice President; Mr. Mike Borg, Secretary; Mr. Timothy Hu, Treasurer; and Rev. Andrew Packer.

We are working to reshape some things about the organization and get some other projects online.

Also along with that on the blog side of the organization we have another Associate Editor, Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt, and Rev. Eric Andersen will be hopefully able to continue writing for us from time to time but his other vocations in life have had to take precedent over his editor work on the site.  His years of service here are much appreciated, especially by me.  Pr. Andersen has been invaluable in his help at some very crucial times in the past few years.  Thank you Eric for your work.  Pr. Holt has already been working behind the scenes on recruiting authors and getting articles for the site and has been very helpful.

Keep on following, we have some big announcements coming in the coming weeks.


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