A Few Thoughts on Christianity and US Politics

Separation of church and state in the US Constitution means that the government can’t impose a state church, but that we are free to exercise our religion. However, many in politics don’t abide by absolute truth and try to change the meanings of words to fit their agenda. This is similar to what liberal churches do with the Bible. They both are guilty of playing with words. Christians should stand up for the literal and intended meanings of words and the concept of absolute truth, including in reference to the US Constitution and Holy Scripture. We must reject the Bill Clinton position of, “It depends on what your definition of is is.”

However, be forewarned; we might seemingly lose this battle in this life and be punished unjustly by secular authorities for abiding by the actual words and intended meaning of the US Constitution, our laws, and Holy Scripture (Not that they are on the same level). We have already seen cases of this with Christian bakers refusing to bake cakes in support of the gay agenda, but receiving unjust punishments due to liberal judges’ reinterpretation or misapplication of the law. We are seeing the same happening now with the reinterpretation of the Title IX law to now include transgendered bathrooms and locker rooms. However, this playing with words in Title IX goes even further since it would practically force our girls and boys to break the 6th Commandment. Christians must speak out and resist this tyranny. God has not given Caesar the authority to force us or our children to break God’s Law. While abortion is also legal and contrary to God’s Law, judges haven’t started reinterpreting Roe v. Wade to mean, like in China, that you must have an abortion…yet.

When truth and words are treated subjectively you can make them mean whatever you want. This can be scary when the one doing the reinterpretation has the power of the sword over you. I think this is why Christians, including pastors, are often fearful of the government. Yet, this doesn’t make being fearful right. We should always fear God more than men. I think this is the heart of the matter; living as Christians in an ever more God-hating culture, we don’t fear God above all things. We should fear His wrath when we go against His Word, either out rightly or by our condoning silence in home, church, and state.

Pastors should absolutely address [from the pulpit] moral issues that are in God’s Word, even if they are seen as political issues, like abortion, same-sex-pseudo-marriage, other sinful sexual behaviors, women being drafted into the military, unjust wars, and so on. No matter what the US laws say, God hasn’t given Caesar the right to go against His Word. If that means prison or death for ‘hate-speech’ or refusing to let men undress with our daughters, by God’s grace, may we say, “Thy will be done.”

I’m not calling for an all-out revolution. Christians must obey the government, like paying taxes, so long as it doesn’t go against God’s Word, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” This doesn’t mean Christians, who are US citizens, can’t be active in supporting candidates and policies that would be good for our country, even when it isn’t a moral issue like abortion. You think a “bridge to nowhere” will help your neighbor, you are free to support it. However, it isn’t the preacher’s job to preach on these issues or endorse candidates. Nor are we mandated to be involved in politics or vote. Our kingdom is not of this world and we are to preach the Law and Gospel of God in season and out.

My concluding thought is that God may very well discipline our country with tyrants because of our country’s apostasy; just read the Old Testament. God’s will may be that He punishes us through evil leaders in hopes that our country repents and lives. This means that God isn’t persuaded by how active or inactive Christians are politically. He isn’t a vending machine: “If we just speak out loud enough or pray enough, then God will bless us with good leaders and policies.” The martyrs of the Church spoke out and prayed, but God’s will was that they died. So, yes, pray and speak the truth in love boldly, and God’s will be done. Remember, no matter what, the Kingdom of God remaineth and our citizenship is in heaven already now. God is working everything in the politics of this world, even working evil for good, to serve His will that all hear the Gospel, repent and live, all political candidates and liberal judges included.

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