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pewcards_in_africaw450Posted by Pr. James May over on the Lutherans in Africa facebook page ..

Brothers of John the Steadfast and Rev Timothy Rossow made these great little pamphlets to help teach the liturgy, its Biblical references, and how it can be applied to every day life. Thank you to Rev. Robert Green for donating these. We will need many more!

Lutherans in Africa can really use more of these pewcards for their training. The current distributor of the pewcards, James Cutler, will cover shipping of as many pewcards as are ordered for shipment to Africa. Just go over to to place an order.

DS-ExplanationMr. Cutler has 61 packs of 25-pewcards available in inventory. A SIXTH reprinting of them is in process — over 48,000 pewcards have been distributed across the US and the world so far since they were originally taken on as a project by Steadfast Lutherans and printed by Martin One Source in Champaign IL.

Lets see if we can’t get all 61 packs on the shipping container that is going to Africa in mid- to late-October! Act now .. buy three or four packs at $14.50 each.

And just a reminder — these are still a great way to help educate your laity on the richness of the liturgy in the Lutheran church! Place an order for your church while you are at it!

Click here for more information

While considering helping out Lutherans in Africa, note their other call for supplies that can be found below. There isn’t much time to get things into the container, but if you work quickly you can get items to Houston before it gets shipped.


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