LCMS Convention Day Three – A Good day with no ugly.

2016-LCMS-Convention-Logo-1024x684-300x200Day Three of the Convention has concluded.  The convention today considered some really good stuff and passed it.  First and foremost – Licensed Lay Deacons has been dealt with in a compassionate and faithful manner.  The delegation voted by 74% to approve the resolution 13-02.  This means that once again the LCMS may start honestly confessing Augsburg XIV in truth.  This has not been the case since 1989.  It is notable when a synod actually turns around on institutionalized false teaching.  We can thank God for this.

Secondly, and maybe most important to many fathers out there – the Resolution on the Conscription and combat service of women passed by a 91% vote.  This will allow the conscientious objection to women’s conscription as well as women serving in combat.

The Convention also passed a number of other resolutions (check out tomorrow’s version of Today’s Business).  Progress has been made.  Substantial matters have been decided.  The delegates have done good work.  There was some attempt to delay and so forth, but it was handily rejected by the delegates.  They want their synod that confesses Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions in what we say and do.  This has been good.

Another good aspect of the day was that a number of good elections happened.  Good and faithful people have been elected to various positions.  This is very good for the coming three years.  They will be able to work together with the administration and the directives of the this convention to do some good things.  With the Refomation 500th looming that is wonderful news.

There are still some matters that will be taken up the convention, and again the Floor Committees have worked with the overtures, task forces, open hearings, and even comments from the floor to put out some solid stuff.  The delegates are committed to getting things done.

Day Four tomorrow.  I hope it is as productive and positive as today was for the witness of our synod before the world.



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