Taking a Breath

Todays Business v1This is a guest article by Pastor Lincoln Winter


I’m not plugged in to the politics of the synod these days. I live far from Saint Louis, and spend my days tending to my parish. So, when I was sitting in my study in Wyoming, and heard the boom noise all the way from 1333 S. Kirkwood, I knew something big was happening. (Ok, so it was facebook, but you get the idea.) What was all the hubbub about?

This past weekend, floor committees for the upcoming convention met. And, thanks to the wonder of technology, the resolutions were already ready already by Wednesday. That’s fast! But, as happens every three years, the publication of Today’s Business is followed by the traditional weeping and gnashing of teeth.


And so on.

This happens every three years. It usually happens closer to the convention. And it’s true that it’s never happened this close to the election for President. You’ll hear people on both sides calling for you to vote for this person or that person based on what’s in Today’s Business, issue 1. But that’s silly.

Yes. There are things to fix. Yes, some of it could have been written better. Because it’s issue 1 of Today’s Business. It’s a rough draft. And if you vote for President based solely on what’s in this rough draft, which the President has not even seen, let alone written, then imagine a world where your first grade teacher gets to pick your lifelong career based on that show and tell you did about your pet Hamster Fluffy-Bunnikins III. I’m sure President Harrison has things he’d like to see improved. I’ve talked to committee members and they’ve agreed that they still have work to do. So don’t get too bothered.

Come convention time, the people who wrote these will sit and listen to comments about this or that. Even now, you can write to the chairman of the floor committee with your thoughts.

Then they publish the second draft. It’s always much better. Problems, both large and small, are fixed. Trust me, the people on these committees want to do a good job. They want good resolutions. These are published in advance so that you can see them early, carefully consider their work, and respond with helpful comments. There is no great plot among the floor committees to sabotage the synod. It’s their synod too.

And once we get over our initial rage, we can all settle down, take a breath, and fix WHATEVER IT IS THAT ANNOYED YOU THAT WILL SPELL THE DEATH OF THE SYNOD!!!!!
I promise, it won’t be that bad come July. So, if you are the sort to read through all the resolutions, take the weekend, read through them, and next week, compose your thoughts in a helpful letter explaining your concerns. But for now, let’s all just remain calm.


Taking a Breath — 11 Comments

  1. “But, as happens every three years, the publication of Today’s Business is followed by the traditional weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    Only this year, after one day, 2016 Today’s Business: Issue 1 (of six issues to be published by the last day of the convention) has been purged from the LCMS 2016 Convention website.

  2. Taking a Breath… and placing the napkin on your lap.

    Artisan rolls and butter,
    Spinach and apple salad,
    Red-skinned mashed potatoes,
    Steamed green beans,
    Grilled rib pork chop with apple almond sauce, and
    Lemon pound cake topped with fresh seasonal berries and a Grand Marnier sauce with minted cream.

    That’s what you’ll be eating if you attend the 2016 Convention Delegate Dinner on July 9, 2016, 5:30-7:00 PM in the Wisconsin Center Ballroom. And you’ll get to schmooze with the delegates and members of the Synod’s Praesidium, Secretary, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Mission Officer, Board of Directors, district presidents, Commission on Constitutional Matters, Commission on Handbook, Commission on Theology and Church Relations, and Synod’s legal counsel.

    And it will only cost you $35.00 per person, unless (per Bylaw 3.1.9.e) you are one of the above.

  3. That’s because we discovered a couple of mistakes that needed to be corrected for the print version. It will be back up soon. Nothing nefarious, just in an effort to get it out asap a couple of mistakes were made. @Carl Vehse #1

  4. @Carl Vehse #2

    I’m not following: Is there a concern here that delegates are being offered a joyous opportunity to dine together with other fellow delegates and various synodical representatives rather than dining in separate quarters? Or is the issue that they will all be eating mashed red instead of sweet potatoes?

  5. @Marcus Zill #5

    Where in my #2 comment were any concerns raised or even hinted about the dining company or the menu? I did quote the title of Rev. Winter’s article. Perhaps I should also have quoted his last sentence, “But for now, let’s all just remain calm.”

    When I discovered the link to the Delegate Dinner and the menu (while looking for the Today’s Business file) it seemed like something that might calm the “traditional weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    To borrow First Vice-President Mueller’s phrase, “Nothing nefarious.”

  6. @Carl Vehse #6

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess I perceived sarcasm where you intended none. My apologies. I’m glad that you think this delegate dinner is a worthy endeavor.

  7. @Marcus Zill #7: “I’m glad that you think this delegate dinner is a worthy endeavor.”

    Well, the Delegate Dinner form didn’t mention what the wine steward had selected to go with the dinner courses. 😉

  8. @Marcus Zill #7

    Dear Marcus Zill,
    I could (although I didn’t intend to) get just a wee bit sarcastic about the people who are paid large salaries and expense accounts dining “free” while the ordinary peon/parish pastor pays enough to cover his own meal and theirs. Unless I have guessed wrong about the by-law; ITC, apologies!

    But I was on the organizing committee for an LWML convention once, so I
    was exposed to the way these things work. The cream rises, in the shape of luxurious suites as well as free meals, while the delegate paying for them doubles up (at least, we women always did) to save on hotel expenses. [We ate cheese and crackers for ‘breakfast’ while waiting our turn at the bathroom mirror…and the year I was “elevated” to organizing committee I did the same.] But we probably had more fun than the “suites”. 🙂

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