Pastor Wolfmueller weighs in on President Harrison

VoteHarrisonSteadfastPastor Lawrence White once called the Missouri Synod convention a “Tri-Annual Armageddon.” All the synodical hopes and fears of all the years will meet, this summer, in Milwaukee, and as with every convention, the devil try to lead us into temptation.

A particular temptation of convention-tide is the temptation of the emergency. It is the temptation behind the word “urgency”. It is the temptation to fear the future, to despair and lose hope, to panic. The devil takes whatever we see as the biggest trouble in the world and turns it into an emergency.

“The church is small, and getting smaller. Emergency!”
“There are false teachers in the church. Emergency!”
“The world hates the church. Emergency!”

Here’s the truth: the church has always been small. There have always been false teachers. The world has always hated the church. And Jesus, who sits on the throne at the Father’s right hand knows all about it, and He continues to keep His promise that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

Because of the Ascension of Christ the church is emergency-proof. Because Jesus is at the Father’s right hand the church is panic-proof. Because we, by faith, cling to the promises of Jesus, we recognize the devil’s temptation to coerce us and put us into the bondage of emergency thinking.

And in the confidence of the ascension of Christ we go about our vocations, fighting sin and doing good in the place where the Lord has placed us. For many of us, one of our upcoming acts of love will be to vote for a Synodical President.

It seems to me that in the last six years President Harrison has demonstrated the confidence and wisdom that comes from confessing the Ascension. He is, for the most part, emergency-proof. And, he has resisted the temptation of emergencies, and he has resisted the temptation to but the church into a state of emergency and panic. I’m glad he has been our president, and I would ask the electors to consider keeping him in this humble office.

Bryan Wolfmueller

About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


Pastor Wolfmueller weighs in on President Harrison — 14 Comments

  1. Harrison is certainly the best option for Lutherans who want to stay Lutheran.

    It’s time we stopped importing every quack “remedy” that blows by us and returned to teaching the Bible and the Book of Concord to pastors and laity.

    This is Christ’s church, Missouri Lutheran variety. Let’s be what we are instead of trying to imitate the act down the street.

    [But if the act down the street is really your choice, go there.]

  2. Definitely. Pastor Harrison has kept the Synod on course for years. May he continue to do so!

  3. Harrison is the lesser of …. He has not been a strong leader. Recall his actions and retreat on Newtown CT for example. He is way too ready to jump into the political arena. He is willing to look the other way and declare fellowship with church bodies that are not orthodox (e.g. Norway & Kenya). He has allowed a number of DP’s to continue unchecked in not performing their duties of being faithful to the LCMS teaching and practice (e.g. NW DP and Becker) If not for the MT DP I fear Becker would still be on the LCMS roster today. He has not moved against groups like 5/2 and the DP’s who support 5/2.

    But sadly Meyer and Meir would be worse.

  4. @GaiusKurios #3

    But sadly Meyer and Meir would be worse.

    Harrison recognized that he couldn’t fill all expectations with his first words in 2010: “I will sin. I will sin against you.”

    So do we all, but I’ve never heard “our servants”, the DP’s, admit such a thing. Whenever I am disappointed, I think of “what might have been”, if he had not been elected, and I am scared back into common sense.

    So let’s not go there again, as we likely would with the alternatives.

    It would help the IC if the districts would elect better DP’s in some cases. The house cleaning in ’73-’74 started with laity who’d had enough; do we have laity to do it again? (We are in trouble now because it wasn’t finished then.)

  5. Dear BJS Bloggers,

    I will repeat myself until my fingers are “blue in the face.” Please watch the video or read the paper that I gave to the ACELC folks in Nashville in April 2016 (see ). It explains why the President of the Synod in the LCMS CANNOT act in a supervisory manner at the local level, and why his “hands are tied” even when it comes to dealing with District Presidents.

    That is why Harrison could not do anything about Newtown, CT and why he could only complain about the Becker case.

    The “ALPB 3” and President Kieschnick know this. They know what the bylaws say and what all those stupid CCM rulings say, and by law the President has to follow those things. If he doesn’t, he puts himself and the entire synod into an area of risk for lawsuits or worse. The bylaws and CCM rulings are our canon law and our people in convention approved it, either by default, or actively as they did in 2004 revisions to the Adjudication process.

    Do we want a “confederacy of districts”? That is what we have right now, thanks to the constant meddling with the bylaws by the likes of Ralph Bohlmann, Wil Sohns, and Gerry Kieschnick.

    Do you want a doctrinally united synod? Get rid of the problem bylaws and all those stupid CCM rulings. Gerry and the “ALPB 3” don’t want unity, they want disunity.

    By the way, the new CCM is great! So let’s give the guys on the new CCM a chance.

    Wrecking a structure is easy. One wrecking ball and its gone in an hour. Rebuilding can take months or years; it is the same with a church institutional structure as it is with brick and mortar buildings.

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  6. @T. R. Halvorson #7

    The church body now in altar and pulpit fellowship with the LCMS is The Lutheran Church in Norway, not the former state church, now called The Church of Norway. They sound the same but are very different.

  7. Marie Meyer,
    The ALPB 3 are Sohns, Esala and Lorenz. I think ALPB got attached to them because their letter was posted on ALPB. I had asked what this letter was and where it could be found. Carl Vehse provided the link to the letter posted on ALPB. Thus the ALPB 3.

  8. @GaiusKurios #11

    The ALPB 3 are Sohns, Esala and Lorenz. I think ALPB got attached to them because their letter was posted on ALPB.

    And Marie probably read their propaganda before we did…

  9. @GaiusKurios #11

    Thanks. I did a quick check on the ALBP Online Forum and did not see the Sohns, Esala, Lorenz open letter there. Someone did post the response written by the president and vice presidents.

    As a long time supporter of the ALPB I would like to claim these men as the ALPB 3, but they are not known to be closely associated with the ALPB.

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