Bible Study on Marriage & Homosexuality

M&H BannerAs the world gets further and further away from God’s design for marriage and human sexuality, the more important it becomes for Christians to know what God has to say about these things. Pornography, pre-marital sex, adultery, divorce, and same-sex marriage result in broken families and guilty consciences.

How can we guard against indulging impure sexual desires? What does Scripture have to say to those who struggle with homosexuality? What comfort does the Gospel provide when we fall?

Click here for Around the Word’s Bible study on marriage & homosexuality, which will help you learn more about these things and equip you to provide a faithful Christian witness. In this age of sexual confusion, the world needs the guidance of God’s Word now more than ever.

Be sure to check out Around the Word’s website for their current Bible study on Ecclesiastes as well as previous studies on the resurrection & penitential Psalms.

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Bible Study on Marriage & Homosexuality — 2 Comments

  1. Very good, Pastor Andersen.

    As an improvement, I would suggest eliminating all 20th- and 21st-century psycho-social neologisms such as “sexual orientation”, since such is unknown to the biblical writers and, clearly, not given use by the Holy Spirit. They are contemporary constructs finding their basis in subjective, and changing, human feelings, not objective realities.

    The Bible only teaches male, female, marriage, procreation, children, teaching, and all sins that militate against these. Focus on what the Bible says, not what culture says, and you’ll steer the ship rightly.

  2. @1 Excellent point. I’ve been working on this in my own mind and in discourse with others.

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