Congratulations to those receiving calls!

GodCallingThis week many men who have been going through training to become pastors will receive the final answer that indeed they will be pastors – their first Divine Call.  It is a good week for the Church.  A couple suggestions for our readers:

Pray for the men who are receiving calls.  Pray most of all for their faithfulness to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions to which they will make their vows at ordination.

Pray for their wives (if they have them).  A father in the faith once told me that the pastor’s wife has to be the most sanctified person in the pews.  She has to listen to her husband (a man she knows the failings and faults of very well) preach and teach God’s Word.  More than that she will likely leave all of her support mechanism to follow with her husband’s calling.

Pray for their children (if they have them).  Preachers kids are the but of all kinds of ecclesiastical jokes, but seriously they need our prayers.

Pray for their congregations.  Pray that they would receive their new pastors in honor, love, and support.  Pray that they would receive their ministry with glad hearts.  Pray that they would help keep their pastor faithful in all gentleness and humility.

Rejoice.  Laborers are being sent into the fields.  Jesus is being faithful to His Word.


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