Liturgy: A General Bibliography

Recent events have spurred me to pull together a general bibliography of materials relevant to the historic Lutheran liturgy. The first was this site’s publication of my article, “Historic Liturgy: Affirmations Prompted by Putdowns.” As stated, it was prompted by putdowns. The readership, comments, other feedback, and linking to that article came as a surprise. There is a much more interest in liturgy than we might know. People are thinking about liturgy, and they want plain spoken, accessible material to read about it.

The second was a remark someone made to me about going to heaven that prompted me to write, “Liturgy:  Do We Really Want to Go to Heaven?

This has become a “Here’s yer sign” experience. Apparently, I need to know more about liturgy than I do.  So, as they taught us in high school, create a bibliography and then read the materials listed in it, keeping notes.

The first pieces I read were the shorter articles, such as one by John T. Pless, and then the book, Studies in the Liturgy by F. R. Webber. The opening of mind by these works is wonderful, and it enhances the benefits of the Divine Service.

In case the bibliography might do any of you some good, it is published on this site at the link here.

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