Day One Wrap Up and Hopes for Day Two

10983424_10152679395391500_7435891813846373972_nWell day one of the 2015 BJS Conference has ended.  It was a good day.  It is a first in the LCMS to have a conference which openly wants to discuss the topic of heterodoxy and how it is best dealt with.  As such, in our first two presentations, by Pr. Wolfmueller and Pr. Poppe we had some different views on the best course of action.  Pr. Wolfmueller used Luther to show how we should “kick the dog, console the child” in regards to false teachers and the falsely taught.  He also stressed vocation and the ever-present nature of false teaching in the church militant.  Pr. Poppe approached things in a different way, stressing the nature of every Christian to be a confessor (or barking dog).  In his bold speech he addressed the concerns of Pr. Wolfmueller.  No doubt some very fruitful thoughts even with the mixed metaphors (should we mix them, we would need to be kicking ourselves!).

Some of the highlights otherwise were the “Man on the Street” segments being recorded by the hosts of Steadfast Throwdown (Asburry and Andersen); KFUO airing live interviews with me and Charlie concerning the conference on their Reformation Rush Hour program (Concord Matters tomorrow); a very nice and strong short message from President Dan Gard of Concordia, Chicago; Pastor Chris Hull preaching on the occasion of the Martyrdom of St. Polycarp; the giving away of some prized beer glasses and home brew to fill them; the giving away of a copy of “Waking the Sleeping Giant”; some satirical songs led by Charlie Henrickson; a great first act reading of “Harry and Heresy Factory” by Pastor Hans Fiene and various “volunteer” actors; and finally the “No Pietist’s Allowed” parties (which by nature of travelling across the country I was unable to attend [or am I a Pietist?]).

Tomorrow promises to be another great day of learning from good men of our Church.  If you coudn’t make it, the honorable Peter Slayton of WE fame is recording the presentations to be posted on the Steadfast on YouTube channel later.

Blessings to all and good night.

Pr. Scheer

Associate Editor

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