Bible History — 1947

Bible History References, vol. 1 (CPH, revised 1947), p. 2, by F. Rupprech
Bible History References, vol. 1 (CPH, © 1927, revised 1947), p. 2, by F. Rupprecht
This, friends, is how the Synod used to teach Bible history, circa 1927. Unashamed to make the good confession — we could learn a lot from these guys.

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The eighth graders may be forewarned here against the teaching of evolution in the high school and in institutions of higher learning other than our own, not only against the evolution theory of the open enemies of the Bible, who flatly deny the existence of God and the creation of the world by Him, but also against the would-be Christian — in reality, however, anti-Christian — theory, which indeed admits that the universe owes its existence to God, but, contrary to the plain words of Gen 1, asserts that the work of creation was “a long gradual process continuing for millions of years” extending over six variously estimated periods of time instead of only six natural days — as though God were not able to finish that work of His almighty power in the last-named time!

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