Bible History — 1947

Bible History References, vol. 1 (CPH, revised 1947), p. 2, by F. Rupprech

Bible History References, vol. 1 (CPH, © 1927, revised 1947), p. 2, by F. Rupprecht

This, friends, is how the Synod used to teach Bible history, circa 1927. Unashamed to make the good confession — we could learn a lot from these guys.

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The eighth graders may be forewarned here against the teaching of evolution in the high school and in institutions of higher learning other than our own, not only against the evolution theory of the open enemies of the Bible, who flatly deny the existence of God and the creation of the world by Him, but also against the would-be Christian — in reality, however, anti-Christian — theory, which indeed admits that the universe owes its existence to God, but, contrary to the plain words of Gen 1, asserts that the work of creation was “a long gradual process continuing for millions of years” extending over six variously estimated periods of time instead of only six natural days — as though God were not able to finish that work of His almighty power in the last-named time!

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Pastor Hinton is pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Lubbock, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, having majored in poultry science, and of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was ordained on Holy Trinity 2011. He has been married to Amanda for seventeen years, and has five daughters and one son. He grew up in the ELCA, and left in 2004 over issues of scriptural authority. It was because of a faithful Lutheran campus ministry that he was exposed to The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. He enjoys old books, teaching the faithful, and things that are beautiful.


Bible History — 1947 — 7 Comments

  1. The article title and the article content have a difference of 20 years (1947 instead of ’27).

    Edit: I see the revised note in the picture captain now. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. I believe this was a text book at Trinity Lutheran School in
    Davenport, Iowa during the 1950’s. We had Bible history
    on Mon. Wed, Fri mornings and Luther’s Catechism on Tue
    and Thurs. mornings.

  3. @Jeremiah #2

    The book that this was out of was copyright 1927, but the edition that the picture was from was the 1947 edition of it. So there’s no way to know if this is as it was originally in 1927. I would assume it was, that’s why he said “circa 1927”.

    The caption under the picture was supposed to make this clear, but of course it failed.

  4. And what is sad about that text is that this is probably not the majority view of modern Christianity now, Lutheran or otherwise.

  5. No problem. I was browsing on my smart phone at the time. Easy to overlook details like that if not paying full attention. Again apologies for the confusion.

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