No Pietist Allowed Parties – Making a List of Favorite International Beers, by Pr. Rossow

tuskerIn honor of Rev. James May, the Director of Lutherans in Africa (LIA) coming to the BJS conference this year, at one of our “No Pietists Allowed” parties we will be serving international beers. When I was over in Africa last month I discovered a great lager from Kenya called Tusker. At the end of a long day of teaching the Gospel to eager Africans, a cold Tusker was just the thing for this pilsner kind of guy.

So we need your help. Let us know what your favorite international beer is and we will try to get some for the party. We will be shopping at Binny’s Liquor Store (Naperville or Plainfield store) so if they have your favorite in stock (they had Tusker!) there is a better chance we can get it for you.

Speaking of LIA, the fund raiser for the new Lutheran Center is going great. We have nearly $300,000 and we are about to buy the land. LIA is the BJS mission of choice. James May will be given a few minutes on the conference agenda to share with us the many great things that LIA is doing for the Gospel. We encourage BJS readers to go to the LIA website and make a contribution to the capital campaign.

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There is still time to register for the conference. Be sure to click here to register! Register early to help us in purchasing food and planning for the conference.

We’ve got a great set of speakers and as outlined above there will be lots of fun at the dinners and parties.

It would also help us if you would help promote the conference by using one of the memes we’ve developed to the right on your facebook or website, with a link to

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