“Blest Servant of the Master” – A Hymn to Honor a Retiring Pastor

Luther HymnsWhat a joy it is to follow in the footsteps, nay, serve alongside such faithful men whom the Lord has called into the Holy Office that each of us might receive the gifts of Word and Sacrament!

I saw Rev. Mark Preus’ original hymn offerings here at BJS and thought that I might add to the collection. Of course, I’m not claiming that any of the hymns I may script are worthy of the pixels that comprise them on your computer screen, but I am hoping that, perhaps, whatever I offer may be useful to the church in some way. The following hymn was written in thanksgiving to Christ and in honor of one of His faithful servants, namely, Rev. Dr. Frank J. Pies. It may be of use to a congregation seeking to celebrate a faithful servant in their midst who is retiring or has gone into the nearer presence of the Savior in death.

Please note that the text below goes quite well with Kevin Hildebrand’s tune “Lord of Life” (LSB 552). But if you would like an original tune, I have one. You need only request it.

More texts to come…


Blest Servant of the Master

Blest servant of the Master, calling others to His side:
“Believe the One, by scourge and scorn, who bore man’s flesh and died,
That you would from your sins be free, from death’s mortality,
And from the hand of Satan’s might, would live eternally.”

Like unto that of prophet’s call, a mouth-piece still the same.
The Lord has set His course for you and called to you by name:
“You’ll be My hands, My feet, My voice, and bid them to come in
To join the Master’s banquet ‘midst the full of baptized kin.”

“You’ll heave upon your back a cross lest you be satisfied
By other glories found beyond the gate that measures wide.
My grace will be sufficient for the days approaching nigh,
And you will be so close to me, under my watchful eye.”

“My body slain upon the cross you’ll give them in the Feast.
My pardon you will speak to them and see their faith increased.
Behold, upon their heads you’ll pour the merits of my blood,
The Gospel Word of promise given in the crimson flood.”

“And when the hour comes for you to meet your blessed end,
I’ll take your cross, and call your name, and will my angels send.
They’ll gently lift you high above the earth and silvered sea,
And carry you beyond this vale of tears and casualty.”

Blest Master of the servant, now receive our humble boast:
All praise and honor to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
We thank you for this servant, Lord, who bade us to come in,
Who takes his place, as child and friend, amidst the baptized kin.


In honor of Rev. Dr. Frank J. Pies at the occasion of his retirement from service in the Office of the Holy Ministry.

Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hartland, Michigan.

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