A Communion Hymn

  1. Before Your altar, Lord, I bow
    To taste Your pledge of grace;
    As angels join my worship now,
    I see by faith Your face.

  2. The image of the eternal Lord
    Is hidden here in food;
    Here is bestowed by Jesus’ Word
    His body and his blood.

  3. Here brings the sinner his regret
    And leaves with hope in Him,
    Who shed his blood to pay our debt
    And died for all our sin.

  4. How often have I longed for this,
    To see amid my guilt
    How righteousness and peace will kiss
    In blood that You once spilt.

  5. I see death’s angel pass me by
    While on the Lamb I feast,
    Whose blood still speaks for me on high
    Where pleads my great High Priest.

  6. Here is the manna which I eat,
    And never shall I die;
    This is the bread of heav’n so sweet
    It shall new life supply.

  7. Once more we here proclaim his death
    Until he comes again;
    He kindles once again our faith
    By covering all our sin.

  8. Here all the saints are gathered round
    To feast in unity,
    And join their voices in the sound
    To praise the Trinity.

First published at Revive Lutheran Hymns

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