The Brothers of John the Steadfast – Where Clergy Domination is Waning…

A “dominator” or cut out Cool Whip container?

Naperville, IL — While the claim of clericalism and clergy domination continues to sell tickets to the latest and greatest fifteen year old fad conferences (then again how long ago was the Korah1440BC Conference?  Numbers 16?), something has been happening at the Brothers of John the Steadfast – the inclusion of more and more laity in writing and confessing the faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  While the clergy collars may still be seen and the phrase “pastor” still used, it seems that the normal “domination” associated with these things is waning (or maybe it was never there).

Now rather than tout itself as a lay-revolution led by casually-clad reverends who direct, organize, and give vision to the organization, the editors of the Brothers of John the Steadfast seemed to have taken note that all of the baptized are given to confess the faith and that in particular the Lutheran Church has a rich heritage of lay-theologians.  The evidence  that points this out is of course the authorship of three of the Confessional symbols found in the Book of Concord by Phillip Melancthon, the confession made at Augsburg by laymen who were princes and rulers, and various other things which go against every stereotype that is thrown at the more traditional types of Lutherans.

Listed now are those faithful laymen who have been so clergy-dominated as to now write for the clericalists at BJS:

Mr. Scott Diekmann, Mr. Norm Fisher (also serving as web guru and all around technical guy), Mr. T.R. Halvorson, Dr. Matthew Phillips, Mr. Jim Pierce, Mr. Nathan Redman, Mr. Jonathan Rodebaugh, Mr. Miguel Ruiz,  Mr. Tim Wood, and Mr. Brian Yamabe.

On top of this there are even faithful laywomen who contribute articles to the site.

Don’t let any of this fool you, this is clearly meant to mask the hidden domination that eventually is planned to allow nothing but round-collars (and the occasional tab) to speak anywhere ever.


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