Do Recycled Visions fuel the Lutheran Church Growth Machine?

FiveTwoHere is something  to point out about the five-two thing. is a South Korean organization “started by Alex Lim and Matt Suhocki to help missionaries with fundraising.” It works out of “Jubilee Church” [The Korean Association of Independent Churches and Missions (KAICAM)] They picked the name for their “missional movement” as stated in their mission statement: “The mission of Five Two Foundation is to multiply God’s resources for the common good. Our name is derived from the story of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish. ” This foundation appears to date back to 2004, though we are not able to find a definite start date (see this newsletter from 2009 saying four years ago they started Their domain name was registered on April 2, 2008.

In another turn the visionary of 5-2 may go back to Christian rapper KJ-52. He may be the first to publicly express this reasoning for using the 5 2 numbers. This he did in 2000, and there is an issue of HUB magazine from Jubilee church that points out the Koreans decided to adopt the 5-2 name back in 2004.  See more about him here or here.

Now, enter Katy, TX-same name, same “goal”, similar “MO” to that of Jubilee Church ( but with a thin “lutheranish” veneer. And the reason for the name?

” Actually, the name careened out from the doctored brain of Scott Rische who deftly explained the five thousand plus were fed by five loaves and two fish belonging to one of the five thousand plus. The disciples were blind to the resources in front of them and blind to Jesus’ power to multiply them. Modern translation: Everything the planter needs to feed his community is already in the community. It just needs to be brought to Jesus for blessing.
We all sat in silent awe…and then bought” They registered this domain August 10, 2008 (by B. Woolsey)

Then compare the logos for and




Thanks to Pastor Joe Abrahamson of the ELS for some of this information.


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