Who are the preachers in your lives?

luther_preaching_croppedI once heard a great sermon during a pastor’s conference held on the campus of the University of Wyoming in which the pastor called the professors “preachers”.  This was a fairly new way to think of it for me, but in our increasingly dogmatic world, is there really such a thing as “neutrality” anymore?  There seems to be very little in our polarized world (which is not unique, Jesus spoke of the world in such terms) that doesn’t bestow a different worldview (read: theology) from that of Lutheran theology.

The change in nomenclature helps clear up the muddiness and excuses.  If we call teachers, coaches, professors, peers, and even those faces and voices that come to us through media by the title “preachers” it may become more clear.  Just what theology is being taught to us during our days and nights?

This is not a call for a life of seclusion or Lutheran monasteries and convents (we are still in this world, given to serve our neighbors).  It is instead meant to be a thought-provoking question about our all too often default acceptance of certain voices because their positions sound neutral and seem innocuous.

Who preaches to you most of the time?  What is being preached?

Who preaches to your children most of the time?  What is being preached?

What can be done to out-preach the preachers of the different gospel of this world?



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