Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Grace Upon Grace



Grace Upon Grace

This is a talk given by Dr. John Kleinig at Langmeil Lutheran Church on 18 June 2011. Additional resources can be found at



Meditation Part 2


Prayer and Questions



Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — Grace Upon Grace — 2 Comments

  1. I am reading Grace upon Grace by John Kleinig. It seems to have a great Law/Gospel balance. Do you recommend this book? Since I haven’t heard of this man I just wanted professional advice from confessional Lutherans. Would be thankful for any feedback.

  2. @Beth Hougan #1

    Dr. Kleinig is a great Lutheran to learn from, a man who has trained many pastors around the world. The book Grace Upon Grace is an excellent work on what Biblical Spirituality looks like.

    Some of us here at Steadfast thought so highly of the book Grace Upon Grace that we made a Lenten Devotion based upon it. You can access it here:

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