For Those Who Didn’t Swim — A Sermon by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver

swimRecently I came across a sermon preached on the occasion of a Lutheran pastor leaving his church and confession behind to join with the “Orthodox” Church.   It is a sermon that helps care for all those left behind when a traitor or antichrist shows his head.  Here it is, originally published in Lutheran Forum in 2007:

No Swim Sermon

About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


For Those Who Didn’t Swim — A Sermon by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver — 5 Comments

  1. For some reason I can’t get this article to download, but I’ll keep trying.

    One of the biggest barriers I think should be in the mind of anyone when it comes to such things, is the 2nd Commandment. When we take vows in the Lord’s Name, breaking them is no small issue.

    I sympathize with many of my peers, who despair over the state of the Lutheran Church in our time, overrun as it is by apostates and enthusiasts. But we live in the house of our fathers, even if their children are burning it to the ground. Like Jeremiah, we do not abandon our burning house, or those still locked inside. We tend to them, even if to our own harm and pain, trusting our lives and work to the Lord. We may not live to see the end of this captivity, but we trust that the Word of the Lord endures forever– and that He keeps those who remain with Him by grace through faith.

    (Just got it to download… and as I expected, Pr. Colver said things far better than I could.)

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