ACELC Conference NEWSFLASH – Rolf Preus of the LCMS on the “Power of Bishops”

2014 ACELC Conference NEWS FLASH!
Christ for Us: The Office of the Holy Ministry
This Feb. 25-27 in Cedar Falls, Iowa!
Come hear speakers like Reverend ROLF PREUS address important issues relating to the Office of the Public Administration of God’s Word!
The Power of Bishops
Among the heirs of the old Synodical Conference, the term “bishop” is the shibboleth by which we identify the true Waltherians who will cringe from its use, regarding it according to its abuse by Martin Stefan and other episcopal pretenders.  On the other side are those who appear to find in a restored episcopacy the cure to all that ails Lutheranism in America today.  An examination of the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions on the office of bishop will yield something much more evangelical and vital to the health of the Church than the caricatures that have abounded concerning this office.  Hint: Jesus is the pastor and bishop of our souls!
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