Neutrality on the Commandments does not befit Christian organizations

ThriventFinancialWhat if BJS became “neutral” on the First Commandment?  That is to say we never came out saying which god is correct and that we neither would condemn or support any group for any god whatsoever?  You would immediately stop reading and figure we had left Christianity (and religion) behind.

Thrivent has declared itself to be neutral on the Fifth Commandment (at best).  They have suspended choice dollars to pro-life groups (which is not really neutral if they continue to support pro-choice groups).  They have also said that being against murder or for it doesn’t matter for them.  So murder or don’t murder, it doesn’t matter to them.  Instead of an “amen” after “You shall not murder”, it has chosen the response of “no comment”.

If an organization claiming to uphold  Christian values says that the commandments do not matter to them, what does that mean?

From Thrivent:

We are a Fortune 500 financial services organization with a unique blend of financial expertise, shared values and steadfast service that truly sets us apart. We’re a faith-based organization, called to care for others.

What faith is the base for this organization if it disregards the Law of God?  What “values” are being shared if not those taught by the Scriptures?


It is time for Thrivent to change to fit the faith-base that it claims to represent and serve, or it is time for those who do not share these neutral values to consider other options.  Please pray for those at Thrivent that are in this situation.


The Office of the President of the LCMS has issued a new statement today if you would like to read it here.

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