Guitar setting for Handel’s Messiah Overture (the Grave)

Our Parish does a Christmas Catechization each year centered around different parts of the Small Catechism. This year the music surrounding the questioning consists of selections from Handel’s Messiah. I like to play for some of the hymns during the catechization each year. I couldn’t find a guitar setting for the parts of the Messiah that we are using this year, so I transcribed the first part of the Overture (the Grave). The transcription includes tablature for those who find that system easier. I hope someone else can also find it useful.

Click here for the PDF of the transcription below.



About Pastor Joseph Abrahamson

Pastor Joseph Abrahamson serves Faith Ev. Lutheran Church, Clara City, Minnesota (E.L.S.). He and his wife, Mary, have 10 children. Pastor Abrahamson is a graduate of Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, and of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies. He has served on the Faculty/Staff at Bethany Lutheran College teaching Religion, Linguistics, Archaeology, and Self-Defense; and was on Staff at the University of Wisconsin as an Information Processing Consultant (Computer Geek) while doing graduate work in Semitics. Pastor Abrahamson served Clearwater Lutheran Parish (ELS) from 2001 to April 2015.


Guitar setting for Handel’s Messiah Overture (the Grave) — 3 Comments

  1. FYI – I have lots if success finding many LSB & Handel music at

    Site usually has multiple versions of a piece written for different variations of instruments (often incl. guitar), which are either free, or pretty inexpensive. Bonus is that often there’s an MP3 recording accompanying the sheet music, usually displayed in its entirety.

    (We’re doing a Handel Messiah piece at every service this Advent season thanks to that site.)

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