ACELC Conference — Christ For Us: The Divine Service

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Associate Editor’s Note:  The Banquet Speaker for this event is BJS’ own Editor Pr. Rossow.  Coming off of being roasted wholeheartedly at the BJS Conference by Pr. Wolfmueller, one might wonder what awaits ACELC attendees while they try to enjoy a meal.  I will also be attending the conference and may be helping in the discussion also.



CHRIST FOR US: The Divine Service”

Hosted by the Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations? (ACELC)

What: This Conference is designed to address doctrinal and practical issues in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. It is a “working” conference that includes both presentations for doctrinal study and group discussion to engage in “what does this mean” in our ministry and worship. Our “Foundation” speaker will lay down the essential questions in dealing with and discussing the theology and practice of Lutheran worship. Our three Core speakers will cover the spectrum of worship now being conducted in the LCMS – Contemporary, Traditional, and High Church. And our “Pinnacle” speaker will speak to a “Concordist” position on Lutheran Worship. A series of Table Talk discussions will broaden the discussion in an effort to identify areas of agreement, areas of true Christian liberty, and problem areas for Biblical resolution. It is our hope to begin a dialogue that will result in a clear confession of Lutheran Worship for today, and how to do it well and with much clarity and devotion. The Conference also includes the annual business meeting of the ACELC congregations.

Who:  This conference is a public service to all members of the LCMS. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

When:  Tuesday, April 16 – Thursday April 18, 2013

Where:  Trinity Lutheran Church,  1207 W. 45th Street, Austin, TX 78756

Cost:  $95 ($125 with a spouse); price includes banquet. Banquet only $30.  Seven scholarships covering registration and 2 nights lodging are available to called pastors serving Texas parishes (not retirees or vacancy pastors) that are neither members nor associate members of ACELC and have never attended an ACELC conference before.

Nearest Airport:

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (approximately 10.6 miles/30 minutes from Trinity)


Days Inn, $58.65 – single occupancy / $50.15 double occupancy plus tax. Mention ACELC when registering; (512) 835-4311 (4.0 miles from Church)

Super 8, $69.00 including tax – double occupancy, (512) (2.5 miles from Church)

Ramada Inn, $91.91 including tax  – double occupancy, (512) (3.0 miles from Church)

Fairfield Inn and Suites, $137.95 including tax – double occupancy, (512) 302-5550 (2.5 miles from Church)

Note: These hotels are a sampling of what is near the conference site. Rates are quotes given for double occupancy for the week of the conference. Please call and verify the rates when making a reservation. For additional hotel options, Google “hotels near Trinity Lutheran Church, Austin, TX.”

Schedule Summary:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

8:00 am – 9:30 am     Registration
9:30 am – 5:30 pm     Devotion & Speakers
5:30 pm                       Closing Devotion

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8:30 am – 5:30 pm     Devotions, Speakers, Group Discussions
7:00 pm                        Banquet

Thursday, April 18, 2013

8:30am – 1:30pm        Devotions, ACELC Business Meeting

Registration Fee:  $95.00 ($125 with a spouse). Price includes Banquet. Banquet only: $30. This year you can register and pay online! See the top announcements on the right side of this page.

Please NoteRegistration and payment are due by April 9, 2013, in order to accommodate the banquet head count deadline … thank you!

If you are sending a check, it should be made payable to ACELC and mailed in with the Conference Registration Form to the following address:

ACELC Conference Registration
PO Box 194
Holt, MO  64048-0194

If you have any questions, please contact:

Rev. James Gier ([email protected]), or

Mrs. Ginny Valleau ([email protected] – (816) 674-3005)

About Norm Fisher

Norm was raised in the UCC in Connecticut, and like many fell away from the church after high school. With this background he saw it primarily as a service organization. On the miracle of his first child he came back to the church. On moving to Texas a few years later he found a home in Lutheranism when he was invited to a confessional church a half-hour away by our new neighbors.

He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

He has served the church in various positions, including financial secretary, sunday school teacher, elder, PTF board member, and choir member.

More of his work can be found at


ACELC Conference — Christ For Us: The Divine Service — 18 Comments

  1. A free conference on the Divine Service without the Divine Service? Am I missing something in this press release?

  2. Since we expect there will be a number of folks at this Conference with whom we may not be in Altar and Pulpit Fellowship, and since there is no one at the Conference who has been given to care for sheep with whom he is not familiar, we felt it was best to simply stick with the prayer offices.

  3. Rev. Drew Newman :Since we expect there will be a number of folks at this Conference with whom we may not be in Altar and Pulpit Fellowship, and since there is no one at the Conference who has been given to care for sheep with whom he is not familiar, we felt it was best to simply stick with the prayer offices.

    Pr. Newman,

    Why would one expect that when the ACELC is LCMS only?

  4. It is a good thing that there will be non LCMS’ers at this conference.

    There is a wonderful realignment of Lutheranism going on which is not surprising. The common enemy of liberalism both in the culture and the church is allowing many Lutherans of different denominations to better focus on the common ground of innerrancy, law/gospel, monergism, a ficus on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, the sacraments, etc.

    We may not see the final consummation of all this on our generation but it is happening and it is good to see.

  5. Pastor Joshua Scheer :@Pastor Tim Rossow #3 Last year was great without any indigestion.
    As far as non-LCMS folks being there – It is a great thing. Whatever is good for the Evangelical Lutheran Church is best. Some of the best Lutherans I know are not LCMS.

    The ACELC is a organization of LCMS people to admonish the LCMS congregations and pastors for errors in the LCMS. How have you, Pr. Rossow and Pr. Scheer, interpreted this as a pan-Lutheran gathering?

  6. Pastor Tim Rossow :Tim,
    Would you like them to exclude non LCMS’ers from their conference?

    It doesn’t make much sense. The ACELC is an in-house thing, a brotherly admonition within the LCMS. Non-LCMS people have no business being there (it is none of their business) yet the term “Free Conference” means open to those who are not in fellowship.

    Pr. Rossow, I’m also curious why you are a speaker there when you originally signed the ACELC letter, then later asked that your name be removed.

  7. I for one am already signed up and greatly looking forward to this conference. And yes…I am LCMS. 🙂

  8. @Rev. Drew Newman #2
    Pastor Newman,
    I commend the ACELC for not offering the Divine Service. Within the LCMS we have almost forgotten that the celebrant is responsible for those who come before him at the altar. It is for that reason that I do not prefer to have the Divine Service at synodical gatherings, conventions, etc. There is no way the celebrant has any idea who stands/kneels before him when he gives him the very body and blood of Christ.
    Though some may object, the ACELC has chosen the faithful path.

  9. Pr. Pettey,

    I assume you are teaching proper self-examination and/or using private confession and absolution to determine a person’s worthiness to receive the Supper as you apparently have an idea of who stands/kneels before you at your own congregation. I have a feeling that most pastors of large congregation do not. Delegates to synodical conventions, and even ACELC congregation delegates, are certified by their congregation officers to be members in good standing of their LCMS congregation. If you choose to practice selective fellowship as a “faithful path” rather than take the word of a congregation with which you are in fellowship then why are you still a member of the LCMS?

  10. @Tim Schenks #15
    If you choose to practice selective fellowship as a “faithful path” rather than take the word of a congregation with which you are in fellowship then why are you still a member of the LCMS?

    I don’t see how they are practicing “selective fellowship” if they don’t have a service with communion. It’s a mid week meeting. Presumably those who have weekly access to the Supper will not be deprived either Sunday.

    It’s a “free conference” (not a convention of elected delegates) which means that individuals can attend without “certification”. I know there have been observers from WELS at our winter “free conference” and perhaps others that I do not know. If you are a Lutheran, there is value in the papers presented, whether or not you are LCMS.

    I’m having difficulty figuring out what the problem is!

  11. @Tim Schenks #15
    Mr. Schenks, I do not doubt that you are a see yourself to be a solid, confessional Lutheran. However, you are typical of such folks that make a false assumption “If you choose to practice selective fellowship as a “faithful path” rather than take the word of a congregation with which you are in fellowship. . .” then follow it up with a lame question as “then why are you still a member of the LCMS?” you reveal no little amount of arrogance. From the few words I wrote you jumped to the absurd conclusion that I believe and practice “selected fellowship” and then believe you should take me to task for such a position. All this without any follow-up questions or attempts to ask me whether my words are indicative of such a position.
    It is such an attitude that the liberals love to see among the “confessionals.” It is as an older, confessional pastor shared with me many years ago with much sadness, “the greatest faults among us confessionals is that we eat our own.” I, unfortunately, have experienced this to be true too many times.

  12. Pr. Pettey,

    I asked you a question. I didn’t say “Quit the Synod.” I asked “Why don’t you quit the Synod?” The rest of your post makes no sense as I was not attacking you.

    Forget about the conference for a moment. You made a comment earlier in the thread that only communing someone based on the pastor’s personal knowledge of the communicant was the faithful practice. Apparently “Member in Good Standing of an LCMS congregation” means nothing in your opinion. The question I asked you which you consider false, lame, arrogant, and absurd deals with a previous statement on this website that selective fellowship, or I suppose this would be selective “de-fellowship”, is not a practice of the Missouri Synod and that any pastor who practices it should consider resigning from the Synod. If you think that’s false, lame, arrogant, or absurd, you should take that up with the confessional Lutheran pastor who originally posted that on this very blog about two years ago, who also contributed many of the teaching documents on the ACELC website.

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