BJS Conference 2013 Highlights — Day One

ConferenceThe Conference is underway and day one is complete.  Yesterday we gathered to hear Pr. Jonathan Fisk speak and discuss the crisis we have in catechizing our young ones (in homes, churches, and schools).  He skillfully addressed the problems and honestly expressed his own ongoing struggle to find a solution with regards to how we pass down the faith from generation to generation (especially this new generation which is being entertained to death).  Of particular note, Pr. Fisk discussed the phrase “I’ve been a Lutheran all my life, but…” which is how Lutherans confess non-Lutheran teachings and criticize Lutheran doctrine and practice.  This has become a standard phrase which tries to introduce a non-Lutheran solution to the problems that we see out there among our youth.  Commendable for trying to fix the problem we all see, it falls flat because it does not come from Lutheran teachings.

We also enjoyed a meal of local pizza and some excellent table discussions, highlighted by some stand up comedy by Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller.  Wolfmueller’s routine proved that Lutherans pastors can be funny! (hopefully the video of this will be available soon).

Following stand-up, we went into the sanctuary of Bethany Lutheran Church (now with stained glass windows!) for the service of Evening Prayer.  The sermon by Pr. Hans Fiene was excellent proclaiming that we fail in our steadfastness in doctrine and our steadfastness in love, but Christ is the Steadfast One (Law and Gospel preaching is the best).

The evening concluded as we went of to the “No Pietist’s Allowed” parties.  These featured good Lutheran conversation as well as more food, cigars, scotch-tasting, and homemade beer.

Day Two is underway and will include some more great stuff.

Video is being taken throughout the conference and will be available as soon as we can make it happen.

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