Women in combat? The Law has been changed – But the original question must still be answered by Rev. William Foy

Associate Editor’s note:  This article is a guest article by Rev. William Foy, pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Valparaiso, IN.  He was my wife’s pastor and is also the godparent of my second child.  As a former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, pastor, husband, and father he is well-qualified to give comment on this current event.

airmanAre women just men with a few different biological parts? Can or should women be welcome to fill all of the vocations of men with the exception of the ones that they cannot due to biological impediment? Is Christ’s sacrifice of His life for the life of His bride and His command that husbands should do likewise (Ephesians 5:25ff) still valid today, and does it apply to vocations outside of marriage? Should women be permitted to serve in the armed forces? That is the “original” question towards which this humble attempt to answer moves.

The aberration of women filling nearly every male job during WWII while the men were off fighting the war should not be the validation for women doing the same today. It was this “necessary” exodus of women from home life and domestic governance that brought about on a grand scale the decline of the family nucleus. This, of course, was not the fault of women, but it did become the battle cry of women who desired to throw of the heavy burden and nearly thankless, albeit God ordained, task of bearing and raising children. The idea of independence (“you can be like god”) coupled with the new found earning power of two income families fueled this drive to be equal to men in all things (as if that was a noble goal to be sought).

Although this dynamic shift from single to dual income homes appeared beneficial, it was only so if one were to measure material gain alone as success, and not balance the scales with the loss of family relationships, role models, and loving nurture which was generally lost due to much less time for the parents to “do” all of those things required of parents. (I would argue that women have suffered even more from this loss of time with their children than we will ever know or be able to measure. Bear in mind as you ponder that, how God made men and women and the special roles He gave to each.)

It was less than one decade after the end of the post war “baby boom” that a most devastating nail was driven into the coffin that was being built by Satan for families, and life itself; Roe v. Wade and the beginning of the most horrible Holocaust ever, the intentional and planned genocide of the family through the womb of woman. What appeared to be a liberating decree and opportunity, another step towards independence and control of their own body and destiny, was in fact a cataclysmic blow to that which makes woman unique and special as one created in the image of God.

Genesis 1: 26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it;

And after the fall, having been put out of the Garden of Eden, Adam gave his wife a name: 3: 20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.

mom God clearly established the roles of male and female, husband and wife. Man to toil and work the ground, to provide food, shelter, clothing and protection as well as the other things of daily life for his wife, children and himself. Woman was to bear children, raise and nurture them, and be the governance of the household economy. (If you will research the words governance and economy, you will find they embrace authority, power, position and responsibility, all of those things which are “offered” as the allurements to women working outside of the home, while conversely motherhood is touted as “no real Identity”.)

Vault forward some six thousand years, and the effects of sin have not only blurred these lines of complimentary counterparts, husband and wife, but erased them maybe even redirecting them and confusing further the glorious gift of God in the uniqueness of femaleness and maleness. You must at this point ask yourself how we as a civilization in aggregate and women as individuals are better off with not only fewer children being born, or even conceived, and also with mothers, who have had children, being absent from their children’s daily life after maternity leave from their secular vocation.

The last barrier to total independence has not yet been crossed completely by all, although it is straddled by many who conceive children by “medical science” rather than in the union of man and woman in marriage. Yet with woman now not only displacing men from the work place which has proven to be a devastating impact on unemployed men, their families, communities and nation, woman are now entering the war zone, literally. They have now been given the go ahead to be placed into harms way on the front lines of war. A nation proving that it not only has no regard for infant life, it also has no regard for those sacred vessels of God by which He creates and brings new human life into the world. The devil hates man and will stop at nothing to eradicate man who was created in God’s image and became man and not an angel. This is the devil’s evil recipe.

This thoughtless capitulation to allow those whom men are to protect, care for and defend, to now assume this historically all male role (of course you can name a few other abominations in this regard but never has it been the norm and never has it been successful). Are we really ready to bury our daughters as they are returned to us killed by enemies of our nation and our God? How have we missed the mark so drastically that women, any woman would even presume this to be a good thing? We have conditioned all of our children and especially our daughters for the past fifty years through public “education” to have little value for life. We teach the lie of evolution and not the truth of God’s divine creation. Thus our children believe they are accidental chances and not intentional creatures fearfully and wonderfully made by God in their mother’s womb.

Life12WeeksWe have legalized mass murder and made the killing fields more intimate and personal than any other culture ever, the womb’s of our daughters, mothers and wives. Although we will acknowledge the psychological effects of rape, incest, and even murder upon the minds of our citizens, we deny, cover up, or even condemn the profoundly greater psychological and spiritual trauma that we have imposed upon our daughters by allowing, encouraging or even, in some cases forcing, abortions upon them to the macabre tune of over 57,000,000 since Roe vs. Wade.

If we have conditioned them to think they are nothing but the commodity for the industry of death, why shouldn’t they desire to die as proclaimed heroes rather than guilty and ashamed co-conspirators in murder for hire plots. Why should they have any true regard or confidence in men, when it is precisely men who have brought or at least allowed these most beautiful of God’s creatures to be so sorely abused and unprotected.

So the final question is really one that is almost ridiculous to ask: Can we turn back the hands of time? Can we as husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and even sons, not only curb our avarice, our insatiable desire for more of the shiny little trinkets of life, like unreasoning raccoons who collect and collect such things even to forcing themselves out of their dens? Can or will we re-educate ourselves from God’s Word and even compassionate and loving human reason to not only value our mothers, wives and daughters as the most precious treasure given us from God next to our salvation in Christ Jesus?

It is, finally, not a question of whether women are physically capable of the rigors of combat. Having served on active duty as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps for eight years I will tell you that not every man is capable even though he has the right to try. The question is are we heads of the household, those who are accountable to God for the complete sacrifice of ourselves in all things for the care of wife, daughter and even mother, are we going to stand by as our daughters go off to fight wars and come home maimed both physically and psychologically and then upon return they continue to endure the war we foist upon their very persons through the ongoing holocaust of abortion.



Women in combat? The Law has been changed – But the original question must still be answered by Rev. William Foy — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you Rev. Foy for laying out the real issues clearly. And the fact that this is another attack by Satan and our flesh. God have mercy on us and our nation.

    His blessings,
    Ginny Valleau

  2. Why should we have a problem with this? The LC-MS allowed women suffrage to flourish in it’s midst during the 1960’s and has fueled the movement for the last forty plus years. Our Synod has been willing to grant more and more of its male headship to women regarding the spiritual health of the church. We indoctrinate our girls by letting them serve as acolytes along side boys. What message does this send? If we don’t care about the created order in the church, why should we care about the worldly realm?

  3. “Why should they have any true regard or confidence in men, when it is precisely men who have brought or at least allowed these most beautiful of God’s creatures to be so sorely abused and unprotected.”

    I quote the above as a precursor of your “responsibility” thesis that men are ultimately responsible for abortion and women working outside the home both historically and practically in the present historical context not to mention women serving in the armed forces and in front line combat units.

    Secular women have in the past with fervent desire and rebellious disposition after WWII taken the reins for their ‘own’ income in personal employment that carried over into the present with the help of a Feminist Movement that championed Women’s Voting and the eugenics of the Abortion Movement of Margaret Sanger.

    Men in the Lutheran Church such as W.H.T. Dau, a prominent theologian of the Iowa Synod wrote a book on not allowing women’s voting in the Lutheran Church as violating the Order of Creation, which you use as a basis for your article holding men accountable for the abusing of women in the home and in society, and to not follow secular society in this vein when the push for Women’s Rights in voting in elections was about to succeed. He saw the danger to the church and warned her of it’s consequences.

    Authority has its concomitant consequences and giving women the vote in determining who will fill the nations authoritative positions of enacting and enforcing law and ipso facto giving them the right to also fill those positions has had it’s consequences both in the nation and as also happens affects the church as well.

    If you think the decision of the 1969 Denver Convention allowing this aberration of the Order of Creation has not had it consequences on marriage and the family then we need a discussion on the basic theology of Genesis 1,2 and 3, and St Paul. When The Holy Spirit said through Paul that, “wives should be subject to their husbands in all things” Eph 5: 22-24. Did He leave out decisions in the church in fine print? or was He only jesting as to marriage.

    Ministers of the Gospel will not touch this issue with a 100 ft pole as they know who ultimately runs many if not most marriages in our Lutheran Church these days.

    So when total rebelliousness of women in both church and society as to men being the head, token or otherwise, is the norm, how are we to put the genie back into the bottle!?

    If women in church and society take advantage of the Feminist Philosophy in all areas of the nation should they not also own up to the consequences of that philosophy and the actions that flow from it? Example: Now women will be subject to the Selective Service requirements in registering their names for a future draft and then watch the fur fly.

    But this needs to happen so that the reality as to women serving in the military becomes readily apparent. As it will be when all the sallies and betties find themselves in dungeries hip deep in blood, dirt, sweat and tears.

    I have served in the military and am now an Assistant Chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces and I have worked in so many White and Blue collar positions over the last 40 years as the Feminist Agenda was being implemented and opened up all vocations to Eves daughters and witnessed the consequences of, ” Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you”, Gen 3. Eve violated the Order of Creation and Adam listened to his wife in the matter of sin but if women in the church, especially, will not learn from this rebelliousness and thumb their nose at it and men know longer know how to be and do not care to be heads of the marriage and households and if they did would they put away these rebellious women and marry wives who will listen to them?! Oh the questions that would raise.

  4. Panel Discussion
    “Woman’s Suffrage”
    Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    March 28, 1985

    Dr. Walter A. Maier II, against woman suffrage
    Dr. Norbert H. Mueller, for woman suffrage

  5. The discussion over single-income homes vs. dual-income homes has its merit, but consider this: how would Lutheran children ever have the opportunity to attend Lutheran day schools, high schools, and institutions of higher learning if both parents were not earning an income? Most Lutheran schools of all stripes charge exhorbitant tuition rates that a) drive our Christian children to learn in secular environments or b) drive Christian mothers into the workplace. We should not put our families in the position of choosing a nurturing home environment with a mother there with the nurturing environment of the Lutheran school. Both atmospheres are to the benefit of the development of our youth. Where are the calls for Lutheran schools to abolish tuition? That is the neglected aspect of the conversation, and a sorely neglected aspect of our life together as a Synod.

  6. “For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know.”

    – Inscription on the back of a flak jacket worn by a Marine machine-gunner on the demilitarized zone (DMZ), Republic of Vietnam, 1968.

    The USMC Facebook page posted this yesterday and I choose to share it with this comment, “Been there – read it – know what it meant!”

    What I didn’t share was the “flavor” that came with being a survivor of ground combat. That taste will not be removed from my mouth until judgment day. My blessed father (who served honorably with Patton’s Third Army) warned me but could not explain what would happen.

    Now I know; now, I see my country attempting a foolishness beyond comprehension. I ended my Marine career as a platoon sergeant; we “translated” the officers orders into reality. This came natural to me as I viewed my men as Marines – all green and gungho. But to ask me to look out on my platoon and see women along serving along side men is beyond understanding. Whoever birthed this nightmare has not spend time in a fighting hole or shoveled dirt like a groundhog trying to avoid 122mm rockets or mortars.

    If you seek the definition of “unclean” look at a combat Marine. Physically, he’s exhausted from lack of sleep, long periods of no showers or any bodily cleaning to speak of, piss stops on the march (I can’t envision females attempting this) and food unfit for the hogs washed down with water cleaned with a massive amount of chemicals so it didn’t kill you.

    Is this where you would send your daughters – because I assure you, as a Marine platoon sergeant, there will be no mercy or accommodation for lack of endurance, personal hygiene or “that time of month”. I will carry you only when you’re wounded and unable – otherwise, you’ll be extracting my boot from your “buttend”. Don’t smell so good – the first thing that goes before patrol is anything that reeks like soap or deodrant – don’t even think or perfume. Got cramps or not feeling up to par? My response is gearup, we’re moving out. You’ll feel alot worse if you get shot or lose an arm or leg to a mortar round (or the current vogue – IED).

    Now, decisions are being made with incredible shortsightedness. Because our last decade has been spent in desert warfare, we seemed to have forgotten Marines do not choose where or when to fight. Much more learned men in Washington DC make that decision. Today, you may fight in a desert; tomorrow the terrain may well be mountains or forests or a jungle so thick you can barely keep sight of the infantryman in front of you. If you really think combat is so necessary – go out and lay in a rice paddy for six hours (preferrably with leaches included – nasty little bloodsuckers). There is another way.

    If advancement and promotion is what you really seek, become a great stockbroker or a doctor or the best – a great mother. There’s no joy or honor in killing -but do not deceive yourself – this is what Marines do. We don’t bring life into this world; we take the enemy out as fast as possible. If you want to endeavor to a vocation I could not accomplish, become the best Christian mother to many children and grandchildren. You will sleep better, you’re food will taste better and your life will be flavored with the goodness of Christ.


  7. “Whoever birthed this nightmare has not spend time in a fighting hole or shoveled dirt like a groundhog trying to avoid 122mm rockets or mortars.”

    Or has traitorous plans for the United States which give aid and comfort to the enemy (and may be working in a building that is white or that has five sides).

  8. Good points made already years ago by other writers but when will we quit using the term roles? There is no such theological distinctions between the sexes. You are not acting out male or female nor the natural nor supernatural functions Christ ordained them to have. Again, good article that shows we have yet to engage fully in our churches while many members buy into unisexism, egalitarianism, etc. If the pastors would get this right it would help indeed.

  9. Responsibility and authority go hand-in-hand. The failure of husbands, fathers, and grandfathers in this regard cannot and will not be taken seriously by the Church and society unless the Church and society are also willing to take seriously the ongoing rebellion of women against their husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Put another way, the last few decades of ceding masculine authority to women could not have been accomplished without also foisting on them responsibilities like fighting and dying.

    You are absolutely right that men need to re-educate themselves from Gods word on this subject. But that’s only half the story. Trying to learn masculine responsibility without learning masculine authority is like trying to learn about rectangles without ever broaching the subject of corners. The Church is going to have to bite the bullet and start teaching the whole counsel of God again–even knowing that it’s going to offend the majority of people in the pews.

  10. On a tangential note, the desire for more material wealth might have played a role in the beginning of the two-income household. However, one cannot change the law of supply and demand. The fact of the huge increase in the supply of labor by the additional women entering the workforce also resulted in a reduction in wages–the price of labor. A one-income household is more difficult to maintain than it used to be. Austerity measures are indeed the right prescription, but describing the situation as an “insatiable desire for more of the shiny little trinkets of life, like unreasoning raccoons who collect and collect” is somewhat imprecise at this point in history.

  11. @Matt Cochran #9: …describing the situation as an “insatiable desire for more of the shiny little trinkets of life, like unreasoning raccoons who collect and collect” is somewhat imprecise at this point in history.

    I agree. The idea of a man working for 40-50 years for one company and then retiring on the pension earned while working all those years has disappeared with the buggy whip (or chrome bumpers). Now, one can expect to go through 3-4 employers or occupations during one’s life, and there is no pension (maybe a 401K/IRA if one has been lucky in stocks). Even if they’re stay-at-home mothers when the kids are young, wives usually have jobs before the kids come and after they’re older so the family can have a house, a car, college for their kids, health insurance, etc. Farm life is not a bushel of sweet potatoes either. And the exploitation of the ‘gimme-my-phone’ entitlement mob’s voting power by politicians has squeezed the middle class.

    A recent article, “AP: Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs,”gives a further dismal outlook. Even though technology has significantly reduced infant deaths and raised life expectancy and health for almost everyone, there is a not-quite-Faustian price to pay. Maybe the Luddites were on to something. 😉

  12. There’s no joy or honor in killing

    Thank you for protecting my family and me!

    Dr. Gene Edward Veith says there is: Luther says the soldier should look at it this way: “It is not I that smite, stab, and slay, but God and my prince, for my hand and my body are now their servants.” The Christian soldier, living out his faith in his vocation, loves and serves his neighbors by defending and protecting them. Yes, soldiers can abuse their license to kill. Luther goes so far as to say that soldiers should refuse to fight in wars that are clearly evil. But those who have the Christian vocation of being a soldier may fight “in good conscience.” Before God soldiers should be humble and repentant. But before the enemy, they should “smite them with a confident and untroubled spirit.” Soldiers, Luther says, should go “forward with joy!” As in other vocations, so in the military, there is nothing wrong with enjoying one’s work.


    Thank you, Marine, for protecting my family and me!

  13. @ #6 “Are their any manuscripts of same?” No, but some quotations.

    Student Question: With reference to calling pastors and exercising church discipline, do I understand correctly that in the current LCMS polity male sheep have an authority over the shepherd that female sheep do not have?

    Walter A. Maier II: Well, you know what my view is going to be. I would say that in a calling assembly I would prefer to see the men do the calling of the pastor for the pastoral office. And you mentioned discipline? I think the whole congregation can speak to the matter and then a majority decision will determine it. But in these matters, again, I prefer to see the men handling the situation. So I just give you a quick answer as to how I would look at it.

    Norbert H. Mueller: I think there’s some history in the church to indicate although women did not participate in the appointing or the electing of pastor, yet the entire congregation, including women, were called on to ratify the decision of the entire calling body in a way of affirming and a way of saying we accept this person as our pastor. Certainly, I would have difficulty with women sitting in judgment of the pastor in a discipline case or a pastoral office. I think that is clearly an exercising of authority over men which is specifically prohibited by the passages in the Scripture. So, I guess, in answer to your question, I guess we’d have to say yes, that in most instances, on the basis of Scripture, the male sheep exercise a type of authority that is not given to the women.

    Alvin J. Schmidt: I guess basically you could say that’s true, except it varies from congregation to congregation. Some congregations don’t follow that polity, if you want to call it that, that rigidly. There are congregations, as probably many of you know, in the Missouri Synod that have women elders. It’s not uncommon in certain parts. We already discovered that when I was on the task force for women and did a Synod-wide survey in 1974 – or was it ’75, I’m not quite certain. We were surprised. This was only four or six years at the most after women suffrage was approved by Synod. In fact, a district president told me here about two years ago when he was on campus at the time of calls being handed out, that he one Sunday was asked to preach in a congregation within his district. And before he got there they said an elder will assist you. And that’s all they said. The Sunday morning he got there it was a woman elder assisting him. And he took a double-take, I guess. But he lived with it. He still is, I think.

    Panel Discussion
    “Woman’s Suffrage”
    Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    March 28, 1985

  14. Walter A. Maier II: I think there’s been a lot of misunderstanding about what this superordination and subordination thing is. It isn’t a big deal at all. I think that it’s a fundamental arrangement and this headship thing is something that’s got to be maintained. But we are agreed on the doctrine in the Synod. I don’t see any disagreement on the clear words of Scripture. It’s just in the area of this application.

    Student: I assume you’re making a distinction between one type of authority and another, because I’ve never heard of an exegetical department criticizing women suffrage in the public realm. A woman can vote for president of the United States. If there’s a distinction there, should there not also be a distinction within the operating of the visible church? In other words, why would it be permissible for a woman to vote for Ronald Reagan but not for a woman to vote to make the church building bathrooms pink? And if there’s a type of question that’s not as unreligious or amoral as making the bathrooms pink, perhaps they shouldn’t be voting on it at all.

    Walter A. Maier II: Okay. A couple of things. Very excellent question. As I see the instruction of the Lord in the Word, He doesn’t purport to tell us what to do in society because it’s hopeless anyway. If He would give any regulations for the unregenerate, they wouldn’t follow them in the first place. God has established a relation for the sexes which He wants to see demonstrated among God’s people. And two areas, as was pointed out in the statement, are mentioned specifically in Scripture: the home and the worshipping assembly. Those things are absolutely explicit in Scripture. There this should obtain. We don’t go beyond that to getting into the political realm or asking what about a queen and all these other questions. Because the Bible doesn’t concern itself with that as far as secular society is concerned. It’s talking to Christians and what they have control over and in a situation where they can, guided by the instruction of the Word, exercise their freedoms and their obedience to the Lord.

    Panel Discussion – Walter A. Maier II, Norbert H. Mueller, Alvin J. Schmidt
    “Woman’s Suffrage”
    Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    March 28, 1985

  15. Women were moving into jobs which had always been considered masculine: telephone linemen, mining engineers, ditch diggers, truck drivers, Secret Service agents. More of them were sharing men’s vices, too: public drunkenness, juvenile delinquency, and assault and battery. Women’s Liberation leader Ti-Grace Atkinson called marriage “slavery,” “legalized rape,” and “unpaid labor,” and disapproved of love between the sexes as “tied up with a sense of dependency.” The Women’s Lib movement was not confined to the United States; in 1970 Bernadette Devlin was designated Ireland’s Man of the Year by her admirers, and 1,162 pregnant Norwegian women sailors, who had conceived while on the high seas, claimed and were granted compensation from their government.

    The Glory and the Dream: A Narrative History of America, 1932-1972
    Thirty Two: Up Against the Wall
    William Manchester
    Little, Brown & Company

  16. Thank you Pastor Foy for the excellent article. After my installation yesterday at Trinity, I suppose I am “officially” in your circuit. I also appreciate your visits to Lucille.

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