Lutherans in Africa seminar on Woman Pastors Report

We previously announced a seminar held by Lutherans in Africa.

Lutherans in Africa will be hosting a seminar in Zambia the 28-30th of August on the topic of Women Pastors. Currently they do NOT ordain when but are being pressured to do so. Crown of Life Lutheran Church has graciously donated enough copies of the CPH book “Women Pastors?” for each of the pastors and evangelists of LECA, the Lutheran Evangelical Church of Africa. One of the great things about Africa is they have a high view of scripture. One of the difficulties is the lack of resources to respond to heresies and the twisting of the scriptures as is done by false teachers as they are led by the Father of Lies. Please pray for our study together and consider sponsoring this or a future conference.


Pastor May posted an intro and pictures on facebook.

The Lutheran Evangelical Church in Africa (LECA), a Lutheran Church in Zambia has really been pressured by LWF and their affiliates to ordain women. The bishop asked me if we could sponsor a seminar and study this topic from God’s Word before the church body makes any decision at their next convention. Please keep this seminar and church in your prayers that they may be led by God’s Word rather than the doctrines of men.

Here are several of the pictures:

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