Could it be? Well, of course it is! Fascism!

We at BJS welcome guest articles, contact us if you have an article that might be of interest to our readers. This one is written by Pastor Brent Kuhlman (whose sermon for Pentecost 14B we recently posted).


Rahm Emanuel categorically declared: “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values.”

Thomas Menino fired off a letter to Chick-fil-A’s owner to urge him to abandon plans to expand the fast food chain to his city. “I urge you to back out of your plans to locate in Boston.”

Well, we all know why both of these thoughtful and intelligent Führers made these remarks. Or do we?

They operate with a Führerprinzip that tolerates no one who opposes the almighty and jealous god religiously epiphanied as: “Community” or “Communalism.” God Community tolerates no other gods! Zero tolerance in the god department! God Community’s intolerance naturally excludes the God of the Old and New Testaments who, from the beginning created “male and female” so that “a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh” in the estate of holy marriage. Consequently, the zero tolerance Fuhrerprinzip applies to Jesus as well as his disciples, Christians, who contradict divine Community as she exercises her sovereign will over any and all competitors!

Consequently, Emanuel and Menino have made it quite clear that idolaters are not welcome, their idolatry will not be endured, and their false worship will be swiftly punished (check out Revelation 11:7-10; 12-13; Matthew 10:17-18 on how all this goes)! Seriously! If you hold to the clear and objective word of God on the matter of holy marriage like Jesus did (Matthew 19:1ff), you are not a citizen with a legitimate, rational, or protected constitutional right. You are an ENEMY – THE ENEMY! You are a blasphemous idolater who must be dealt with swiftly and emphatically!

Gene Veith has warned us about all this in his book, Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview. If you haven’t read it, get it ASAP! He writes: “Fascists believed in communalism, in which the individual’s will and freedom finds fulfillment in the will and freedom of the group. The goal was not mindless conformity, but masses of individuals all actively willing the same thing,” (90). The Chic-fil-A brewhaha demonstrates that not all have the same will! How is this battle of the wills resolved?

The Führers are not reasonable nor are they forgiving (just in case you haven’t noticed)! Veith notes that with fascist rhetoric: “Rational discussion is replaced with psychological and rhetorical manipulation; the search for truth is set aside in favor of a power struggle and a contest of wills … Conflicts of the will cannot be mediated by reason; they can only be resolved by force, with one will imposing itself on the other. There is no question of persuasion; only coercion or – for those totally outside the collective will, such as Jews [at the time of the Holocaust] elimination,” (91).

Don’t think or believe that such “elimination” cannot be repeated here in the land of free and the home of the brave. It is happening and will continue to happen with reckless abandon! You’d better have another read of the Stephenson sermon included in this issue of Forum, check out Veith’s book and hang on to Christ’s promise that not even the gates of hell will prevail against his church (check out Revelation again – the whole book this time)!

Pastor Brent Kuhlman
Murdock, NE

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