How Do We View Christianity? Two Ways: Plan A and Plan B.

I have received a lot of positive feedback over the last several years from the Plan A and Plan B Teaching Sheet titled, “How Do We View Christianity?  Two Ways: Plan A and Plan B.” I have also heard of several churches that have used this document for Sunday School and Christian Education.

As you will see, I have chosen not to label the statements and have attempted to keep both statements similar with only changing several key words.  Surprisingly, this sheet tends to spark lively discussion and it seems to foster healthy theological dialogue.

So what are your thoughts?  Are you Plan A or Plan B?  Do you have any other subjects that I can add to this sheet?

Enjoy the document!

Pastor Matt

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About Pastor Matt Richard

Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard is the pastor at Zion Lutheran Church of Gwinner, ND. He was previously a Senior Pastor in Sidney, Montana, an Associate Pastor of Spiritual Care and Youth Ministries in Williston, North Dakota, and an Associate Pastor of Children and Youth in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He received his undergraduate degree from Minot State University, ND and his M.Div. from Lutheran Brethren Seminary, MN. His doctor of ministry thesis, from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, was on exploring the journey of American Evangelicals into Confessional Lutheran thought. Pastor Richard is married to Serenity and they have two children. He enjoys fishing, pheasant hunting, watching movies, blogging, golfing, spending time with his family and a good book with a warm latte! To check out more articles by Pastor Matt you can visit his personal blog at:


How Do We View Christianity? Two Ways: Plan A and Plan B. — 10 Comments

  1. Very interesting. A couple of items might be open to different shades of understanding, perhaps, but it looks very solid. I assume it would be okay for us to use this sheet, right? Lays things out quite well.

  2. Excellent. Thank you for this sheet. I sent a copy of it to family members caught up in decision theology, since you have succinctly provided the distinctions between monergism and synergism. I am sure your sheet will be helpful to them.

  3. @Jim Pierce #4

    That is great Jim. It will be interesting to hear how they process the sheet.

    Funny story… When I shared this sheet with an individual one time, they recognized the problems of Plan A but their synergism tendencies didn’t allow them to fully embrace Plan B. As a result, they submitted a Plan C! They reworked the statements so that it wasn’t quite as bad as Plan A, yet not as monergistic as Plan B.

    Fascinating to watch!

  4. Totally committed to the Plan A for 13 years. Relearning and RESTING in the Plan B! It’s tough to scrap everything you once believed. Thank you for this helpful outline, Pr. Richard.

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