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Not that this is a bit of self-promotion, but .. I couldn’t resist this post from Cyberbrethren.

Note some resources not mentioned below are the Daily Readings (available by twitter or email), the bulletin inserts for 3-year and 1-year series, and a Dare to Read pamphlet to help inform your congregation the importance of reading the BoC.

Another feature of the site is linking the Augsburg Confession to the Roman Confutation to The Defense of the Augsburg Confession. Look in any of these sections for something that looks like this:

Another website, (that’s capital l, not 1, as in “Book of Concord Link”) makes it easy to provide links directly to specific passages within the BoC.

We at BJS of course encourage reading of the BoC by promoting various Reading Groups around the country.


The Book of Concord on the Internet

A number of years ago I posted the public domain version of the Book of Concord on the Internet and a site started to develop supplying supporting documents and supplemental documents, from the period that the various documents in the Lutheran Confessions were being developed. has grown now into the largest and most frequently visited Internet site for the Lutheran Confessions. Last year, the site attracted half-a-million unique visitors, and many more who return to read and study on the site.

Eventually Mr. Norm Fisher stepped into to help develop a nicer looking web site for the Book of Concord, and has since helped maintain the site, adding things as we gathered them, including, most recently a complete audio recording of the Book of Concord, completed by Pastor Jon Lange.

If you have not visited for a while, or if you are not linking to this site from your web sites or blogs or any other Internet presence you have, I encourage you to do so. The site attracts visitors literally from around the world and is often the only way people have to access the Book of Concord. To see a larger version of the image below, click on it once, then again, for the largest possible version.

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