President Harrison’s Words for Washington, by Pr. Rossow

Wow! In a few words President Harrison was firm, bold and theological as he spoke before the House of Representatives committee hearing this morning in Washington D.C. He came out of the gates strong and never let up for his allotted five minutes.

It was clear to me that his courage and conviction were born of the Holy Spirit’s working of faith in his heart and informing his mind through the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

Harrison masterfully walked the fine line of the two sides of the matter at hand, that is the forcing of churches to purchase health care plans that help people to kill babies in the womb on the one side, and the need to uphold that the church is in but not of the world on the other. He deftly proclaimed the Gospel of the blood atonement while realizing that he was not there to preach a sermon but to call the government to stay within its left hand kingdom parameters by leaving Christians free to practice their religion.

After clearly stating that the LCMS is all about the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, Harrison demonstrated that the LCMS secondarily, is very effective at producing good citizens. He did this by showing that we have a great history of helping the poor in this country and across the globe and that LCMS members have shed their blood for the freedoms for which this country stands. Harrison said “We [members of the LCMS] fought for a free conscience in this country and we will not give up.”

Harrison channeled Luther very effectively. He spoke with the courage and conviction that is voiced by Luther’s Scriptural teaching of the freedom of the Christian. Harrison said “We must obey God rather than man” and concluded with this plea:

“Please Mr. Chairman, get the federal government out of our conscience.”

(The questioning is just now beginning. If there are any noteworthy comments from Harrison I will update the post. I also noticed that the hearing just appeared live for a few moments on Fox news.)


The entire session can be found here:


President Harrison’s segment begins at the 41 minute mark.


Session 2 of the hearings can be found here:


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