Council of Presidents Unanimously Endorses President Harrison’s Statement on HHS Mandate, by Pr. Rossow

We are pleased to report that the Council of Presidents (all of the district presidents and the presidium of the LCMS) has unanimously endorsed the statement made by President Harrison a week ago Friday.

It is good to see this sort of unity in the synod. In the last twenty years or so the COP has taken on a sort of college-of-cardinals like authority. This authority seems to be self-asserted and has not always been a friend of traditional, liturgical and confessional ways in the synod. We hope this marks the beginning of true koinonia in our midst.

Here is the statement released by the Office of the LCMS President:

Lententide greetings to our dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

At its regular meeting Feb. 18-21, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Council of Presidents (COP) commended Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison for the statements he has made in response to the recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate.

The COP commended Harrison in a resolution and in a statement signed by all 35 district presidents as well as the Synod’s five vice-presidents.

The statement reiterates that the COP stands united in full support of President Harrison’s testimony before the Congressional Committee on Government Oversight and Reform Feb. 16.

Click here to read the COP statement and resolution

Click here to read more in Reporter

Click here to learn more about the LCMS reaction to the HHS mandate

Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Rock and our Salvation.

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