Save the Date – Young Bucks Take the Lead at the 4th Annual BJS International Conference, by Pr. Rossow

Save the dates and look for registration information soon for our annual conference. As usual it will be the second full weekend of February. This year that makes it Friday and Saturday, February 10 – 11. We start late Friday afternoon and go through early afternoon on Saturday. The conference will once again be held at Bethany Lutheran Church and School, Naperville, Illinois, the new home of Rev. Jonathan Fisk and Worldview Everlasting.

This year we are looking at ways to make the conference more family inviting. Look for details on that soon.

The conference speakers are all young pastors who have taken the lead in new Lutheran media, one of the BJS distinctives. The speakers are Worldview Everlasting‘s founder and internet personality Jonathan Fisk, Table Talk Radio‘s co-host Bryan Wolfmueller and BJS blogger Joshua Scheer. The overall theme of the conference is “Getting the Gospel Doctrine to the Diaspora” and will focus on how new Lutheran media brings Confessional doctrine to those who are not able to find/join a conservative, confessional and liturgical parishes. Fisk and Wolfmueller will be talking about  how they go about producing and airing their shows while Scheer will be tackling the crucial question of the legitimacy of pastors and laity spending time on the internet.

As always, we will have highest rated the conference hosting provided by the Bethany volunteers and our dedicated day-school teaching staff. The food will knock your socks off and increase your cholesterol to Luther-like levels (I’m assuming kidney stones are caused in part by high cholesterol), the worship will be the most authentically Lutheran available this side of the pearly gates and if your lucky you may even get to see the new Worldview Everlasting “studio” complete with monkeys, swords, and paper dragons. We will also have the worldwide premier of the Bethany Lutheran video production of tryouts for host of Worldview Everlasting including a ninety-eight year old member, several elders and some yutes.


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