MNS BOD meeting Sept 12-13th

The MNS BOD meets on Sept 12 & 13. It is important the they hear once again from those who oppose selling the campus ministry properties. (Actually selling the Mpls property to ULC is desired, but not to anyone else.) If you communicated with them last spring, thank you very much. Please consider doing so again. If you have not communicated with them yet, please consider doing so at this time. Your support for campus ministry would be greatly appreciated. If you need information about the situation or about how to contact the BOD, please go to and click on Save ULC. Letters should be postmarked no later than Sept 6th to arrive on time. E-mails should be sent no later than noon Sept 8th. Thanks in advance for any help you provide.

Glen Meints, pres
University Lutheran Chapel, Mpls

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