Update on Minnesota Chapel – No Report Yet from the Board’s Executive Session, by Pr. Rossow

Thank you to BJS reader Matt Mills for finding this information and posting it on our last story about the proposed selling of the University Chapel facility at the University of Minnesota.

Pastor Kind posted the following at the Save University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/defendulc?sk=wall ) yesterday:

 “We just returned from the District BOD meeting. I was allowed to give a 20 minute presentation (to be posted on our website soon) and then take 20 minutes of Q and A. It went as well as I thought it could go. Tom Walker and Kristen Weber from ULC attended with me. After the presentations were over, the BOD went into executive session.”

This morning he added:
“At this point I haven’t heard anything from the Board. I am hoping to get some information today.”

I’ve been peeking back at the “Save ULC Facebook” site all day assuming that’s as likely a place as any to get the scoop on the board’s decision.  Closed meetings, executive sessions, secret decisions, it all strikes me as a strange way to shepherd Christ’s Church.
Pax Christi+,
Matt Mills, ULC ’85

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