Great Stuff Found on the Web — Blessings, Gifts, Challenges — May 2011 Lutheran Witness

Found this information on the latest Lutheran Witness posted on Witness, Mercy, Life Together Blog:


The May 2011 Lutheran Witness is hot off the press. You can get it from the Lutheran Witness site. (Download here). President Harrison begins the issue:

“At my request, The Lutheran Witness staff has put together this issue to inform the good folks of Synod about the financial realities that we face. The funding of this multi-billion-dollar institution called The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is complex, to say the least. It took me a good five to six years working at the International Center before I actually began to understand it. The first step in addressing a challenge is honesty about its existence and its probable causes. But this must be done with an eye on our blessings, which are truly extraordinary. We are in a definite predicament, but it’s hardly all doom and gloom.”

Articles Include:

  • From the President — Matthew C. Harrison
  • The Constancy of Change — Larry Rast
  • Body and Soul Work — Albert B Collver / Kim Krull
  • Mission Heritage — Kim Krull
  • Fan Into Flame — Kim Krull
  • Righting the Financial Ship — Kim Krull
  • The Lord Gives Christians Manage — Jerald Wulf
  • LCMS Agencies
  • LCMS Seminaries — Roland Lovestad
  • LCMS Schools — William Cochran
  • The Concordia University System — Adriane Dorr
  • Witness, Mercy, Life Together, and Restructuring — Albert Collver
  • The Future Is Here — Barbara Below


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