Our Concordia System is Failing Us – An Eyewitness Report from the CUC STOP Event, by Pr. Rossow

We have an eye-witness report from the STOP event at Concordia University, Chicago earlier this week. Here is the report.

Good morning.  I just returned from the presentation given at Concordia University Chicago this morning.  President Johnson gave a brief welcome from the podium in the Oak Park room.  The attendees were mostly students who as best I could tell were required by one of their professors to attend and write a paper about the presentation.  There were also a handful of faculty and staff on hand.  President Johnson was certainly not as clear, or as bold as I would have expected him to be.  He basically said, and I am paraphrasing, that due to the University’s relationship with The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, it should be understood that sexual activity other than that between a man and a woman was not compatible with the intention of the Creator.  He never was so bold as to call all sexuality other than that between a husband and wife as sinful.
The arguments were framed by the presenters.  This was definitely a prime example of the “he who frames the argument wins the debate.”  One of the presenters was a self-proclaimed proud lesbian who stated that she was in a committed relationship with her partner of 15 years, and was a proud parent of three children.  The other woman identified herself as having genetic composition of both male and female, but was most comfortable being in a committed relationship with her male partner.  There were no questions allowed.  Apparently the discussion/debate will take place at 12:30 p.m. today.
Overall, this could best be described as a sensitivity training for those in attendance.  I did ask President Johnson if he intended to return this afternoon, he responded with a reassuring “maybe.”  The stinger for me was at the close of the presentation when the presenter smiled with joy and shared with the audience about the many and wonderful resources available in Oak Park, IL if you are in need of answers to your questions about the GLBTQ….
 A voice in the wilderness

I really cannot believe what I am seeing in this era of the LCMS. This is not good. Our Concordias are failing us. The ungodly GLBT group ought not to be given a voice at our Concordias. Our Concordias have sold out to the god of mammon. For the sake of the almighty dollar and for larger student polulation they have allowed the Gospel to be compromised. Babylon, the mother of all godless whores has been invited into the midst of our institutions which have been established by the Gospel and for the Gospel to train teachers and pastors for our synod and to equip other students with a liberal arts education in keeping with the Gospel. The Gospel and the infallible Word of God are now partners with Babylon at our Concordias.

I usually do not speak this way but this is becoming apocalyptic within our own little fellowship. It is unacceptable. It is anti-Christian.

I call upon the Presidents of the other Concordias to meet and encourage one another in the Gospel to bring an end to this sort of shame that is being brought to our Lord and to our synod. I call upon the Board of Regents of Concordia University Chicago to immediately disband the STOP committee and to recommit to the preaching and teaching of the Gospel in chapel and the classroom and see such teaching as the means by which the love of God for all mankind is encouraged on the campus. I call upon the President of the Synod to use his authority as the spiritual supervisor of the District Presidents to meet with President Dan Gilbert, who is the bishop of the district in which Concordia Chicago resides, who I know to be opposed to this sort of thing going on at our campuses, and to use the authority of scripture to encourage President Johnson and the Board of Regents to act to stop this shame being brought to our Lord and to His Gospel.

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