Lutheran Calendar / Issues, Etc. 24 Reminder

I happened to notice that the RSS feed for the Lutheran Calendar had been broken a bit ago, and fixed it so that it is again working.

For those who don’t know, an RSS feed allows you to put information from another website onto your own site, typically on the sidebar. An example of it in use an be found at the website of Trinity utheran Church, Layton UT .. scroll down and I believe the third-last box on the right sidebar is the Lutheran Calendar.

The Calendar is intended to be used to advertise Confessional Lutheran upcoming events; it has a method to add your event to it. You can see events for this month in the sidebar option “Lutheran Calendar” here, and click on the day to find out what’s happening that day.

Reminder, as previously announced on BJS, TODAY at 4PM, Issues, Etc. starts their “Issues, Etc. 24“. This event is found here on the calendar.

Don’t miss this! It’s Confessional Lutheranism at its best!

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