BJS Newsreel: BJS Chapter Monday Night Football Event Included a Toast in Thanks that We are not Baptists

(By Pastor Rossow) The Naperville, Illinois chapter of the  Brothers of John the Steadfast met for a Monday night football party. Attendance was stunted by a four inch snowfall right at rush hour but we still managed a good bunch of guys for food, fellowship and beer.

Each member was asked to bring a sample of one of their favorite beers. We ended up with beers from Goose Island (mild and white winter), China (Tsing Ta0 – my personal favorite), Ireland (Guiness), various Miller products and a few others. The highlight of the night was my toast to the fact that we were not Baptists. Bethany’s Associate Pastor, Stephen Schumacher, quickly chimed in that the toast had nothing to do with the freedom do consume mass quantities of the Lutheran beverage, but instead was a toast in gratitude that we are theological monergists and not synergists. Need I say more? It was a great evening!

Thanks to BJS member Tye Fox for hosting us (Linda too) and to Chapter Leader Kieth Luhrs for putting the evening together and here’s to our Bears for clinching the division. Sorry Klemet and all you Viking fans out there and even more heartfelt sympathy to you Cheeseheads up north…, not.

Pictures below include part of the group gathered around the TV and our host Tye Fox grilling the burgers and brats.

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