More Fun than Lutherans Ought to be Allowed to Have – LOL Silliness on the Comfort Dog Post, by Pr. Rossow

BJS readers and commenters make sure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In case you missed it there was a string of comments on the Comfort Dog post that are LOL (“laugh out loud”) funny. I made the comment (#14) that dogs cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit and that led to a string of LOL comments (starting at #19) of which I have excerpted the following for your Friday fun:  

Richard #19 – When I saw the title, [of the post] I thought it was the name of a new praise band.Some basset hounds could add a few good notes.

Jim, #20 – Pr. Rossow, I once knew a Chiuaua full of the Devil. The evil little thing would always bark at me and bite at my ankles when I would visit my in-laws. I am pretty sure that dog is burning in hell, today… evil little barker.

Editor, #22 – I prefer the “Planet of the Apes” premise, where all dogs and cats died and statues were erected in their memory. Then the apes became their replacements, and talking apes from the future took over the world. Would those talking apes then be capable of becoming ministers.

Joe, #24 – I met one of these “ministers” today, considering all the negative publicity here, I asked how his day was going, and he said “ruff!”

Tedd, #26 – Well, my dog barks at the JWs [Jehovah’s Witnesses] when they visit my doorstep, so I think he is a confessional dog .

Smalltown Lutheran, #27 – My daughter had her fish out of their tank and flopping on the table. She had a towel and was patting them on their little fish heads three times, then putting them back into the tank. I asked her what she was doing, so she said “Baptizing them.”

Chris, #30 – My only question is how did the sponsor fish keep the candle burning?

Joe, #40 – Will dogs in heaven shed? Cause if they do, I want them kept outside.

Jim, #41 – They’ll be hairless and non-allergenic.

Andrew #42 – …and they won’t drool.

Don, #44 – And the Newfies won’t slime you! Well, maybe a loving slime or two… After all, it’s their way of marking you as one of their own. Kinda like a baptism.

I laughed out loud. I hope you did too. It helps me to keep from taking myself too seriously.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


More Fun than Lutherans Ought to be Allowed to Have – LOL Silliness on the Comfort Dog Post, by Pr. Rossow — 7 Comments

  1. Who says Confessional Lutherans have no sense of humor?! Oh, we do, we are just an aquired taste, like Obstler. No pietists allowed.

  2. Who says Confessional Lutherans have no sense of humor?!

    Of course confessional Lutherans have a sense of humor, like when they sit in the pews singing LSB 660 (TLH 451; LW 305).

  3. Carl,
    Don’t be a hater,… of #660!!! It’s one of the songs I sing (in private) when I’m trying to fight the good fight! I’m the daughter of a Lance Corporal in the USMC (served his Country well, & dwells in our true Homeland, non active duty), believe me, I know that…Lutheran, maybe not, but a Battle Cry, at times…maybe so.
    Lutherans, see this song, in a very different light, than those in other areas may. If I can stand & ask send me, send me, the fields are ripe & overflowing…. I think it somewhat kosher, to stand up for the One I’m asking to send me.

    And now…for something completely different, a hairless cat & mute donkey.

    Ya know I had to say it…right C.V.?! lol!!!!

  4. Dutch, I like the hymn, too. It’s singing it while sitting in the pew that I find humorous.

  5. Okay, that I’ll grant you! It’s the hymn I playback, when I’m fighting a good fight, but don’t have much reinforcements.

    Fight the good fight w/all you might! I have no clue about anyone else, but my might, may vary, per situation & day. Replaying this, gives me a bit of a shot, of “go get”, when I really don’t have any. I can’t imagine, I’m the only one who does or is.

  6. We use the TLH so I don’t know what #660 is in the LSB. “Stand up, stand up for Jesus”?

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